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Here Comes The Next Great Depression – Mike Malo

Mike says a lot in just 4 minutes, including:

“The only thing that is expanding in debt – is government debt. This is a very dangerous situation, the larger government grows compared to the GDP the more frictional jobs there are in an economy that don’t produce goods and services that you and I buy. That basically extinguishes economic energy, it brings about less prosperity, not more.”

Please remember, these economic shifts, including the Great Depression of the 30’s, are engineered. These downturns are harvest time for the bankers. This one has the seeds within it to destroy the global financial system as we know it. All carefully planned.

The state of the US stockmarket

We saw the DOW fall by 326 points today to 15,373, a fall of some 2%. This is a fall of 1,203 from the high of 16,576 on December 30, 2013, a fall of some 7.25%. It has taken out some support levels on the way, notably 15,740. In my view, if the market breaks the double bottom of 14,776, then it may fall quite some distance. A target of 7,687 comes to mind. Heard much about this fall in the mainstream press? I haven’t. These things happen when “Joe Average” is not looking.

As a friend of mine who has been invested in gold and cash for a couple of years shared with me recently, one of the pundits he watches commented that being in the stockmarket last year was like picking up pennies in front of a steamroller (thanks, John). I like the image.

I am not saying I know where this is going. I don’t. But if I had money in the stockmarket, I would be getting it out, regardless of the country I am in. Yes, the DOW made new highs this year, but the Aussie market has not got within a 1,000 points of its 2007 high. The buy and hold model only works when there is a rising market, which there has been in the living memory of most of today’s investors.

We need to study history if we are to avoid repeating it. Be careful, my friends.

Our Special today is corn chowder with Agent Orange

Jon Rappoport in full flight. It is below in full.

Remember Agent Orange? The US Army sprayed it all over Vietnam. It defoliated (destroyed) plant growth and brought on cancers and birth defects.

One of its significant ingredients was a chemical called 2.4-D.

Well, the US Dept. of Agriculture has cleared the way for brand new Dow GMO corn and soy crops. They are engineered to withstand spraying with 2,4-D.

The theory is, the corn and soy will survive, but pesky weeds will die.

Of course, the drifting spray of 2,4-D will kill all sorts of other plants, including fruit trees.

And there is that species called Human. Have a little lymphoma with your corn chowder.

Here are several quotes from Senior Scientist, Doug Gurian-Sherman, who writes for the Union of Concerned Scientists at their Equation blog:

“On Friday, January 3, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) released a draft environmental impact statement (EIS) under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). This clears the way for approval of engineered soybeans and corn resistant to the herbicide 2,4-D, pending a final EIS and pesticide tolerances from EPA.”

“2.4-D has also been associated with human health risks, such as non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, and is considered by some health agencies to be a possible human carcinogen.”

“The herbicide [2,4-D] is also notorious for causing severe damage to many fruit and vegetable crops from drift after spray application.”

Argentina has already approved Dow’s GM soy that is “resistant” to 2,4-D.

Think about it. Corn and soy have been grown for centuries. They’ve survived. But now, big companies like Dow and Monsanto genetically modify the crops, so they can withstand a highly toxic chemical—in order to kill weeds in the growing fields.

Killing weeds vs. chemical warfare.

The USDA sees no reason to stop this. The Dept. of Justice sees no reason to intervene.

Nothing illegal about poisoning people, as long as you call it a magnificent technological breakthrough in agriculture.

Pope Francis named by eyewitness as child trafficker

This video is from Kevin Annett, a Canadian who was drummed out of his Uniting church ministry in Canada and the assisted breakup of his marriage for exposing the activities of the Uniting and Catholic churches in the genocide of the native people of Canada, including through the schools where they intentionally placed smallpox-infected and I believe cholera-infected children in the same classroom as healthy children in order to spread the diseases. Death rates in those schools were, as I recall, well over 80% of the children. He has subsequently created the ITCCS, a people’s court, you might say, in Brussels, which has been pursuing these kinds of cases, and Kevin claims that their steps against Ratzinger were the reason for his resignation. In my view, this court has no official teeth, but is nevertheless acting to expose activities that would not otherwise be exposed and prosecuted. It is receiving a growing groundswell of public recognition and support.

The video reports testimony of an apparent participant in the Argentinian Junta, who claims that Pope Francis assisted with the trafficking of the children of political prisoners during the Junta’s reign. This testimony is more credible when it is placed alongside the claims of Steve Pieczenik that he was also involved with the imprisonment and torture of priests and nuns at that time for participating in liberation theology.

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