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Senate Terrorism Sub-committee & MILITIA ON CHEMTRAILS

Thank you, Hedy.

In case you thought all of this weather management was a figment of my and other people’s imagination, listen to this 2-minute video from the US Senate Terrorism Sub-committee.


Frankly I am happy to see the coverage on this matter.  This particular issue has me grinding my teeth during my sleep at night!


GeoEngineering update

Recently I posted this blog post about a chemtrails whistleblower, and some time ago I posted about storm manipulation, notably typhoon Yolanda. In the two or so weeks since the most recent of these, I have been flooded with material about this. It is clear that the scope and extent of this is very high, indeed.

This presentation by Dane Wigington of covers many of the technologies being deployed in geoengineering, of which chemicals sprayed into the atmosphere are but one part. I do not agree with all of Dane’s conclusions, but in my view it is worth watching to grasp the spectrum of what is being done. For me, one of the most telling is that the Rothschilds own several of the mainstream weather channels – no doubt as a service provided out of the generosity of their hearts for the good of all.

Another excellent source to gain a sense of this is this documentary called LOOK UP. Its primary focus is on changes to cloud formation, chemical spraying and weather modification in general.

In case you think this is somebody’s vivid imagination, this shares a series of photographs documenting the fitout of a large commercial plane for chemical spraying. This blog post also shares some very clear photos of this technology.

On another front, this 2008 video from Antarctica shows what appear to be precisely cut icebergs. Nature does not do this.

Some, including Dane Wigington, argue that there is very little by way of natural weather patterning left on our planet. I can’t say that I know this; however, I have been struck by the number and frequency of powerful low pressure systems that have sat stationary off the coast of Britain in the last few months, bringing extreme rainfall and flooding before moving on to Europe, only to be replaced almost immediately by another. Coincidence? I seriously doubt it.

This material confirms there is a war being waged, perhaps against all of us, via our weather and more broadly our biosphere. Again, until you recognise these things you are not in a place to do something about it.

Microchip Implant – update

Thank you, Sean. 

The following article shows further proof of the saccharine attempts through advertising,  that the current Elite are using to persuade the gullible, to take up the offers of fun and security offered by the RFID microchip. What emerges are FACEBOOK, COCA COLA working in partnership to entrain children. In a separate advert we see patients offered the security of the chip whose various ailments prevent them from coping without them, apparently.

In my opinion, one of the chief reasons for engineering the Financial Crisis is to offer a fait accompli to the populace, of whom a large proportion will be reliant on handouts from the State, simply to survive. No chip, no chips would perhaps be a good marketing tag line.. I’m wasted here. 🙂



This video from that site shows an ad from Verichip for the RFID chip. You can see the flavour of this.

BBC Propaganda: “Why I Want A Microchip Implant”

The implanted microchip, like so many other threats to our freedom, is being rolled out in a carefully planned way. Although the model is not exactly comparable, none of us thought about mobile phones being used to track our every movement as they are being used for today, even to kill us. Yet because it has become such a necessity for us, we would not give up this tracking risk. Today, the microchip is being used to track to children or to grant preferential access to venues and so on. It is the new tattoo – a cool thing to do. And so it grows. Next it is those who need essential government services or financial support. Without your chip, you can’t get them. Or it’s the prison population, then it’s if you get arrested for anything at all. Then to travel or go to the doctor. Then to buy something. And so it goes. And a generation or two to implement it is nothing to those who run the game. They focus us on the day-to-day, struggling for survival or taking care of our loved ones whilst they focus on decades, centuries and millennia.

In this article, Michael Snyder discusses this in more detail and shares an article from Britain’s BBC promoting this trend. It is coming, my friends, as night follows day – unless the game is changed. By us or in some other manner.

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