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David Icke explains how the world works behind the scenes

David Icke has been challenging our perceptions of how our world works for 25 years. David was an experienced mainstream journalist before he began to look behind the curtain, so to speak. Whilst I do not agree with everything David has spoken of, I have come to agree with most of it, based primarily on my own personal experience.

This video by David from his recent Internet TV venture, The People’s Voice, spells out how things are run from behind the scenes, even behind those on-planet that I often refer to, such as the Rothschilds. He talks of the Archon force, what I would refer to simply as the dark force, that lies behind the manipulation of the human experience. Not only does David talk about this, he provides illustrations, historical and recent, and shares his own experience. Based on my own experience in the work I have done over the last 7-8 years, I would agree with everything he says here, and he lays it out simply and with great clarity. Until you begin to understand this, you cannot begin to understand the games behind the games on our planet.

It is my view that we live in the time when this is ending. May it be so. When you eliminate the background force driving this, what is happening on Earth becomes very easy to deal with. And if you don’t understand what David is speaking of here, you are inevitably tilting at windmills on one level or another, which is where most who want to see change in our world, including with the NSA and the Internet are coming from, or those who point to the political and military games on the planet, or why knowledge of advanced past civilisations on our planet have been suppressed, or… They are all tilting at their particular windmill, and until you understand the deeper picture, you cannot understand why nothing changes and why you will not change it or see it change. But when you look at it from where David does, some of the bizarre dots that don’t seem to fit all begin to join up.

In this video, David discusses today’s news from this context, as he does most days, and the illustrations provide very tangible examples in our moment-to-moment world of how the game is played. Again, I agree with every one of his examples.

Who is watching the watcher?

At least this group is attempting to track all the NSA is up to.

Stronger Pacific winds explain global warming hiatus: study

This article seeks to explain away the fact that we have seen a reduction in the rate of global warming over the last 15 or so years. It seems they want to blame it on trade winds off the Pacific. Note the article was released here by Reuters (owned by the Rothschilds) and by AFP (also owned by the Rothschilds) almost simultaneously. Of course, the IPCC is another of their tools for creating their preferred world picture.

I have discussed the science of global warming in the past, sharing with you what the scientists who can’t get published or heard have to say about it. It is perhaps all summed up by this graph based primarily upon the Vostok ice core data from Antarctica, which I shared in that article:

Take the time to look at it in detail. It’s all there, except you need to look more closely at it to know that CO2 LAGS temperature by about 800 years. It is not leading temperature in the past, but lagging it – being released as the ocean warms.

As you can see, this curve clearly indicates our current warming cycle has peaked, is lower than the previous 3, and the relationship between CO2 concentration and temperature in the time of humanity is irretrievably broken.

So the excuses for the failure of the promoted model – man-made global warming – begin to emerge. Expect to see more.


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