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Images Show Turkey Covertly Constructing Airbase in Northern Iraq

The stakes continue to escalate:

Turkey is building an airbase in Northern Iraq without the knowledge of the central government in Baghdad, images show.

Images taken by field sources in Iraq display construction of an illegal airbase named ‘Bamerne’ by the Turkish army in Northern Iraq.

The airbase is being built at the geographical coordinates of 37°05′52″N and 43°15′58″E which corresponds to a region in Dahuk, Northern Iraq.

The U.S. School That Trains Dictators & Death Squads

On November 22, thousands gathered at the gates of Fort Benning, GA at the 25th annual protest of the School of the Americas to memorialize the tens of thousands of people who lost their lives at the hands of the U.S. Empire’s brutally repressive juntas it used to rule Latin America by force.
The dictators and death squad leaders, who committed acts of genocide, were trained within the gates of Fort Benning, at the School of the Americas – otherwise known as the “School Of Assassins.”

France’s Jewish leaders call for a ‘civic uprising’ against Marine Le Pen’s National Front after far-Right group’s record election results

Maybe there are still political elements of influence not controlled by the Zionists:

France’s Jewish leaders have called for a ‘civic uprising’ against Marine Le Pen’s National Front after the far-Right group’s record election results.

The party topped the country’s regional election vote on Sunday in a breakthrough that shakes up the political landscape in France.

But it has prompted a backlash from France’s chief Rabbi, Haim Korsia, who urged voters to ‘breathe life into democracy… in these particularly troubled times for the nation’.

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