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Cannabis was widely used as a medicine until early last century

This is not something the drug companies want you to know:

Cannabis as medicineI think we know why it was made illegal. It didn’t fit the model developed by John D Rockefeller to switch all medicines to patentable pharmaceuticals.

Actually, it’s why he created the allopathic medical system in about 1920 that now dominates the Western world and which most people in the Western world think is the only solution.

But more and more people are waking up, as evidenced by the growing interest in cannabis for its healing properties, including its ability to treat cancer. Just don’t expect your allopathic practitioner to recommend it or even condone it, and most people don’t plan ahead for such situations, so they have some choices if such a condition emerges. Out of fear above all else, they simply go with the horrific regime their doctor recommends. Not that your doctor is being intentionally dishonest. They just don’t know any different, having been thoroughly schooled by the system.

But a growing number of these doctors are waking up.

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