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Seth Rich Bombshells Change the Landscape of American Politics & Mainstream Media

I have said several times, either here or on Twitter, that the assassination of Seth Rich might just be the thread that pulls down the elite’s web of deceit in Washington, and this excellent article by my friend Molly adds weight to this possibility, and the video she links is as powerful as she says:

The truths coming out of the entire Seth Rich – WikiLeaks relationship and the subsequent murder of Rich are sending massive aftershocks throughout mainstream media and the new media.

A growing number of the somnambulant public are realizing the scandalous behaviour of the controllers and since everything is connected, the Pizzagate/Pedogate, FBI Comey firing and impotent screams from Podesta about “the Russians did it” are reaching the point of hilarity for those of us in the know.

It’s is indeed unfortunate that WikiLeaks partner Gavin MacFadyen and Seth Rich had to exit to bring this all forward, but they volunteered to take one for the team. Assange has done his share of suffering, and we hope they will now leave him alone. So many have stuck their necks out—and continue to do so—like Sean Hannity—who may lose his job, but that’s small potatoes.

This video puts the pieces of the conspiracy together very neatly.  ~ BP

End of quote.

I encourage you to watch this video.

Bring it on.


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