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This brief video outlines the history of Government abuse and inaction in regard to Aboriginal people and their rights across Australia. Watching this, I was struck by how the Howard Federal Government’s action in 2007 to reverse its policies in the Northern Territory via “The Intervention”, justified by what it claimed were paedophile rings in all aboriginal communities, was based on a classic lie and its consequences. The fact that a later study showed there was NOT ONE such ring – of course – did not lead to the reversal of the Intervention.

This is how the game is played across the globe. We have just witnessed Israel’s invasion and destruction of Gaza based upon the claimed murder of 3 Israeli teenagers by Hamas, only to see the evidence come forth that it was not due to Hamas at all. Does that stop the invasion, destruction and deaths, or bring back any of the lives lost? Of course not. Similarly with 9/11. Anyone who has done their homework knows 9/11 was an inside job, and yet every day we hear in mainstream media about how this or that has been radically changed “since the terrorist attack on 9/11”. The truth is irrelevant and the lie has been used to justify massive action that is, for all intents and purposes, irreversible. No-one can reverse the destruction of Iraq or, with currently deployed technologies, remove the radioactive waste that is scattered across the Iraqi landscape, some from the use of so-called depleted uranium projectiles, in other cases due to the use of nuclear weapons, nor can they practically roll back the massive elimination of electronic privacy undertaken by the NSA and its global partners as revealed by Edward Snowden. We see the same thing with global warming. It was used to justify Agenda 21, which most people don’t even know exists. And even though the evidence is emerging about the lies and deceit behind the global warming hoax peddled by the IPCC, very little is being done or achieved in confronting the life-changing processes of Agenda 21.

When you understand this, you begin to realise that nothing short of a change of consciousness on this planet has any hope of confronting this process engineered through the Hegelian Dialectic or, as David Icke describes it, “problem, reaction, solution”. It is such a terrifyingly simple model and we see it played out almost every day in our world. I was pleased to see Graham Hancock acknowledge this need for a change in consciousness a few days ago.

The aboriginal video dovetails powerfully with John Pilger’s recent film Utopia. John has documented the aboriginal plight in Australia over decades and other human plights across the globe, including many armed conflicts, and it is important to document these events in this manner. But has anything changed as a result of us seeing John’s perspective? No. And has John looked at what connects all of these events together in our world? From what I have seen, no. Who sets up this Hegelian Dialectic? Who has set up the false flag triggers behind every war in the last 100 or 200 years, the latest in Israel being amongst them? Until passionate and incisive documentary filmmakers and journalists like John begin to look at this, they remain part of the current paradigm, raising a “tut, tut” finger, but not really shining a light on what goes on behind the scenes. Or perhaps John and others recognise that they may not live to tell another story if they expose how the Rothschilds and their cohort bankers control our world for their own ends. Most people I speak to in the United States still do not know the US Federal Reserve is owned by the world banking families and was set up in 1913, and a similar model applies in most countries of the world, and they have been manipulating and controlling world affairs for centuries including creating wars and having their version of history become the accepted version.

It even extends to having dictionaries changed when needed, such as the change to the meaning of “Ground Zero” after 9/11. Prior to that event, it only meant the place on the ground above or below a nuclear detonation, and dictionaries were changed retrospectively – as documented by Dimitri Khalezov – to hide this fact, because it would otherwise be a thread revealing that the destruction of the WTC towers was a nuclear event. But we were warned that such things would happen. Most of us just haven’t taken the time to listen.

Until and unless a change in consciousness emerges on our planet, the future for our planet and all upon it is dire, the Australian aboriginal plight being just a stark but small example.

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