Orlando shooting: actor/witness: what?

Sometimes things just beg to be shared. This from Jon Rappoport:

Want to get this one out fast, so no live links. You can find the reports.

See a post on anomalies in the Orlando shooting, at the site, Fellowship of the Minds, by “Dr. Eowyn.” (Here’s the link – Richard.)

The Eowyn post mentions mainstream press articles reporting the shooting—those mainstream articles appeared six hours before the Orlando shooting actually occurred. That’s rather curious, yes?

But the Eowyn revelation that cooked my brain was about a Pulse-club “witness to the shooting,” Louis Burbano, who is an actor. An actual actor with credits. He was interviewed by ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos. Eowyn shows an IMDb screenshot of Burbano’s most recent role in a short 2015 video: Burbano played a “club patron.” The title of the video? “Spirit of Orlando: Shooting Up.”

Now we’re through the looking-glass. Way through the looking-glass.

End of quote.

As I’ve said, these things emerge very time, but Joe Public never looks for them and the control machine just lumbers on, regardless. They don’t care that a few amateur sleuths find the truth. It’ll never get airplay on the MSM. The control machine owns that.




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