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This SGTReport video focuses on the shutting down of Mike Adams’ Natural News and how the searches for Natural News now bring up articles bagging all that Mike stands for, but it also looks more broadly at the attack on the Alt Media.

I quote the YouTube page:

It’s hard to overstate the pure evil and tyranny Google has engaged in by wiping off the internet. Not only has the attack on the free press and REAL NEWS been taken to the next level with this move, but this assault on FREE SPEECH will undoubtedly COST LIVES. The valuable catalog of information about health and wellness which Natural News provided, some 140,000 pages of articles and research have been scrubbed. As Mike Adams has said, this equates to a modern day book burning.

End of quote.

In case you doubt who Google is, I remind you of this image of the Georgia Guidestones I previously shared.

The current image on Google Earth has disguised this a little but the essence remains.

A doubtless coincidental facsimile of Moloch, which reflects both the nature of the Georgia Guidestones and Google itself for displaying the very moment this alignment is shown. A perfect example of hidden in plain sight.

And following hot on the heels of Ben Swann’s work disappearance from the Internet, the same has just happened to David Seaman:

The war is hotting up.


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