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Benjamin H. Freedman was a Zionist and Jewish insider. I quote the introduction to this video of his 1961 speech in Washington:

Benjamin H. Freedman was one of the most intriguing and amazing individuals of the 20th century. Mr. Freedman, born in 1890, was a successful Jewish businessman of New York City who was at one time the principal owner of the Woodbury Soap Company. He broke with organized Jewry after the Judeo-Communist victory of 1945, and spent the remainder of his life and the great preponderance of his considerable fortune, at least 2.5 million dollars, exposing the Jewish tyranny which has enveloped the United States. Mr. Freedman knew what he was talking about because he had been an insider at the highest levels of Jewish organizations and Jewish machinations to gain power over our nation. Mr. Freedman was personally acquainted with Bernard Baruch, Samuel Untermeyer, Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt, Joseph Kennedy, and John F. Kennedy, and many more movers and shakers of our times. This speech was given before a patriotic audience in 1961 at the Willard Hotel in Washington, D.C., on behalf of Conde McGinley’s patriotic newspaper of that time, Common Sense. Though in some minor ways this wide-ranging and extemporaneous speech has become dated, Mr. Freedman’s essential message to us — his warning to the West — is more urgent than ever before.

I encourage you to listen to Freedman’s speech. Here is a transcription of that speech.

Remember, Freedman was an insider. He went to the post WWI Peace Conference with Bernard Baruch, the leader of the US delegation. He understood the game. He participated in meetings with Woodrow Wilson and others before and during his Presidency. He knew what he was talking about, and he chose to reveal what he knew.

Freedman explains how the Zionists went to the Government of Great Britain in 1916 when Germany had essentially won the war and had offered Britain generous peace terms, and offered to bring America into the war against Germany and defeat them, in exchange for the Zionists being given Palestine. This is 1916 and the rest is history. I have already shared with you how Bernard Baruch was preparing the US for war in 1915. Purely coincidence, of course.

I quote from Freedman’s speech:

“When Germany realized that the Jews were responsible for her defeat, they naturally resented it. But not a hair on the head of any Jew was harmed. Not a single hair. Professor Tansill, of Georgetown University, who had access to all the secret papers of the State Department, wrote in his book, and quoted from a State Department document written by Hugo Schoenfelt, a Jew whom Cordell Hull sent to Europe in 1933 to investigate the so-called camps of political prisoners, who wrote back that he found them in very fine condition. They were in excellent shape, with everybody treated well. And they were filled with Communists. Well, a lot of them were Jews, because the Jews happened to comprise about 98 per cent of the Communists in Europe at that time. (My emphasis). And there were some priests there, and ministers, and labor leaders, and Masons, and others who had international affiliations.

“Some background is in order: In 1918-1919 the Communists took over Bavaria for a few days. Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht and a group of other Jews took over the government for three days. In fact, when the Kaiser ended the war he fled to Holland because he thought the Communists were going to take over Germany as they did Russia and that he was going to meet the same fate as the Czar. So he fled to Holland for safety, for security. After the Communist threat in Germany was quashed, the Jews were still working, trying to get back into their former status, and the Germans fought them in every way they could without hurting a single hair on anyone’s head. They fought them the same way that, in this country, the Prohibitionists fought anyone who was interested in liquor. They didn’t fight one another with pistols. Well, that’s the way they were fighting the Jews in Germany. And at that time, mind you, there were 80 to 90 million Germans, and there were only 460,000 Jews. About one half of one per cent of the population of Germany were Jews. And yet they controlled all the press, and they controlled most of the economy because they had come in with cheap money when the mark was devalued and bought up practically everything.

“The Jews tried to keep a lid on this fact. They didn’t want the world to really understand that they had sold out Germany, and that the Germans resented that.

“The Germans took appropriate action against the Jews. They, shall I say, discriminated against them wherever they could. They shunned them. The same way that we would shun the Chinese, or the Negroes, or the Catholics, or anyone in this country who had sold us out to an enemy and brought about our defeat.

“After a while, the Jews of the world called a meeting in Amsterdam. Jews from every country in the world attended this meeting in July 1933. And they said to Germany: “You fire Hitler, and you put every Jew back into his former position, whether he was a Communist or no matter what he was. You can’t treat us that way. And we, the Jews of the world, are serving an ultimatum upon you.” You can imagine what the Germans told them. So what did the Jews do?

“In 1933, when Germany refused to surrender to the world conference of Jews in Amsterdam, the conference broke up, and Mr. Samuel Untermeyer, who was the head of the American delegation and the president of the whole conference, came to the United States and went from the steamer to the studios of the Columbia Broadcasting System and made a radio broadcast throughout the United States in which he in effect said, “The Jews of the world now declare a Holy War against Germany. We are now engaged in a sacred conflict against the Germans. And we are going to starve them into surrender. We are going to use a world-wide boycott against them. That will destroy them because they are dependent upon their export business.” And it is a fact that two thirds of Germany’s food supply had to be imported, and it could only be imported with the proceeds of what they exported. So if Germany could not export, two thirds of Germany’s population would have to starve. There was just not enough food for more than one third of the population. Now in this declaration, which I have here, and which was printed in the New York Times on August 7, 1933, Mr. Samuel Untermeyer boldly stated that “this economic boycott is our means of self-defense. President Roosevelt has advocated its use in the National Recovery Administration,” which some of you may remember, where everybody was to be boycotted unless he followed the rules laid down by the New Deal, and which was declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court of that time. Nevertheless, the Jews of the world declared a boycott against Germany, and it was so effective that you couldn’t find one thing in any store anywhere in the world with the words “made in Germany” on it. In fact, an executive of the Woolworth Company told me that they had to dump millions of dollars’ worth of crockery and dishes into the river; that their stores were boycotted if anyone came in and found a dish marked “made in Germany,” they were picketed with signs saying “Hitler,” “murderer,” and so forth, something like these sit-ins that are taking place in the South. At a store belonging to the R. H. Macy chain, which was controlled by a family called Strauss who also happen to be Jews, a woman found stockings there which came from Chemnitz, marked “made in Germany.” Well, they were cotton stockings and they may have been there 20 years, since I’ve been observing women’s legs for many years and it’s been a long time since I’ve seen any cotton stockings on them. I saw Macy’s boycotted, with hundreds of people walking around with signs saying “murderers,” “Hitlerites,” and so forth. Now up to that time, not one hair on the head of any Jew had been hurt in Germany. There was no suffering, there was no starvation, there was no murder, there was nothing.

“Naturally, the Germans said, “Who are these people to declare a boycott against us and throw all our people out of work, and make our industries come to a standstill? Who are they to do that to us?” They naturally resented it. Certainly they painted swastikas on stores owned by Jews. Why should a German go in and give his money to a storekeeper who was part of a boycott that was going to starve Germany into surrendering to the Jews of the world, who were going to dictate who their premier or chancellor was to be? Well, it was ridiculous.

“The boycott continued for some time, but it wasn’t until 1938, when a young Jew from Poland walked into the German embassy in Paris and shot a German official, that the Germans really started to get rough with the Jews in Germany. And you found them then breaking windows and having street fights and so forth.

“Now I don’t like to use the word “anti-Semitism” because it’s meaningless, but it means something to you still, so I’ll have to use it. The only reason that there was any feeling in Germany against Jews was that they were responsible for World War I and for this world-wide boycott. Ultimately they were also responsible for World War II, because after this thing got out of hand, it was absolutely necessary for the Jews and Germany to lock horns in a war to see which one was going to survive. In the meanwhile, I had lived in Germany, and I knew that the Germans had decided that Europe is going to be Christian or Communist: there is no in between. And the Germans decided they were going to keep it Christian if possible. And they started to re-arm. In November 1933 the United States recognized the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union was becoming very powerful, and Germany realized that “Our turn was going to come soon, unless we are strong.” The same as we in this country are saying today, “Our turn is going to come soon, unless we are strong.” Our government is spending 83 or 84 billion dollars for defense. Defense against whom? Defense against 40,000 little Jews in Moscow that took over Russia, and then, in their devious ways, took over control of many other countries of the world… (see my previous article on the Zionist origins of Bolshevism).

“…What are the facts about the Jews? (I call them Jews to you, because they are known as Jews. I don’t call them Jews myself. I refer to them as so-called Jews, because I know what they are.) The eastern European Jews, who form 92 per cent of the world’s population of those people who call themselves Jews, were originally Khazars. They were a warlike tribe who lived deep in the heart of Asia. And they were so warlike that even the Asiatics drove them out of Asia into Eastern Europe. They set up a large Khazar kingdom of 800,000 square miles. At the time, Russia did not exist, nor did many other European countries. The Khazar kingdom was the biggest country in all Europe — so big and so powerful that when the other monarchs wanted to go to war, the Khazars would lend them 40,000 soldiers. That’s how big and powerful they were…

“…These Khazars, these pagans, these Asiatics, these Turko-Finns, were a Mongoloid race who were forced out of Asia into Eastern Europe. Because their king took the Talmudic faith, they had no choice in the matter. Just the same as in Spain: If the king was Catholic, everybody had to be a Catholic. If not, you had to get out of Spain. So the Khazars became what we call today Jews. Now imagine how silly it was for the great Christian countries of the world to say, “We’re going to use our power and prestige to repatriate God’s Chosen People to their ancestral homeland, their Promised Land.” Could there be a bigger lie than that? Because they control the newspapers, the magazines, the radio, the television, the book publishing business, and because they have the ministers in the pulpit and the politicians on the soapboxes talking the same language, it is not too surprising that you believe that lie. You’d believe black is white if you heard it often enough. You wouldn’t call black black anymore — you’d start to call black white. And nobody could blame you.

“That is one of the great lies of history. It is the foundation of all the misery that has befallen the world. “

End of quote.

Another Jewish American, Myron C. Fagan, a successful playwright, screenwriter and producer of the early 20th century, also decided to reveal what he knew, for similar reasons to Freedman. I quote from this article:

In 1945, at the urgent request of John T. Flynn, the famous author of “THE ROOSEVELT MYTH,” “WHILE WE SLEPT,” “THE TRUE STORY OF PEARL HARBOR,” etc.; Mr. Fagan attended a meeting in Washington D.C. where he was shown a set of micro-films and recordings of the SECRET meetings at Yalta attended only by Franklin Roosevelt (see also Roosevelt’s address to Congress), Alger Hiss, Harry Hopkins, Stalin, Molotov, and Vishinsky when they hatched the plot to deliver the Balkans, Eastern Europe and Berlin to Stalin. As a result of that meeting; Mr. Fagan wrote two plays: “RED RAINBOW” (in which he revealed that entire plot) and “THIEVES PARADISE” (in which he revealed how those men plotted to create the “UNITED NATIONS” to be the “housing” for a so-called Communist One-World Government).
At the same time; Mr. Fagan launched a “ONE-MAN” crusade to unmask the Red Conspiracy in Hollywood to produce films that would aid that “ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT” plot. Out of that came into being the “CINEMA EDUCATIONAL GUILD.”

End of quote.

In 1967, Fagan produced a 3-disc recorded expose on his understanding of the behind-the-scenes Zionist-led plans for global domination and control. This recording has also been transcribed. I quote:

“However, the vitally important thing for all Americans, all you mothers of the boys who died at Korea and are now dying in Vietnam, to know is that our so-called leaders in Washington, who we elected to safeguard our nation and our constitution, are the betrayers and that behind them are a comparatively small group of men whose sole objective is to enslave the whole world of humanity in their satanic plot of one-world government.

“Now in order to give you a very clear picture of this satanic plot (my emphasis), I will go back to its beginning, clear back in the middle of the 18th century and name the men who put that plot into action and then bring you down to the present– today’s status of that plot. Now as a matter of further intelligence, a term used by the FBI, let me clarify the meaning of the expression ‘he is a liberal.’

“The enemy, meaning the one-world conspirators, have seized upon that word ‘liberal’ as a cover-up for their activities. It sounds so innocent and so humanitarian to be liberal. Well, make sure that the person who calls himself a liberal or is described as a liberal is not in truth a ‘red’.

“Now then, this satanic plot was launched back in the 1760’s when it first came into existence under the name of the Illuminati. This Illuminati was organized by one Adam Weishaupt, born a Jew, who was converted to Catholicism and became a Catholic priest, and then, at the behest of the then newly organized House of Rothschild, defected and organized the Illuminati.

“Naturally, the Rothschilds financed that operation, and every war since then, beginning with the French Revolution, has been promoted by the Illuminati operating under various names and guises. I say under various names and guises because after the Illuminati was exposed and became too notorious, Weishaupt and his co-conspirators began to operate under various other names. In the United States, immediately after World War I, they set up what they called the Council on Foreign Relations, commonly referred to as the CFR, and this CFR is actually the Illuminati in the United States. And its hierarchy, the masterminds in control of the CFR, to a very great extent, are descendants of the original Illuminati conspirators. But, to conceal that fact, most of them changed their original family names to American sounding names. For example, the true name of the Dillons, Clarence and Douglas Dillon (once Secretary of the US Treasury Department), is Lapowski. I’ll come back to all this later.

“There is a similar establishment of the Illuminati in England operating under the name of the British Institute of International Affairs [The Royal Institute of International Affairs]. There are similar secret Illuminati organizations in France, Germany, and other nations operating under different names, and all these organizations, including the CFR, continuously set up numerous subsidiary or front organizations that are infiltrated into every phase of the various nations’ affairs. But at all times, the operations of these organizations were and are masterminded and controlled by the internationalist bankers, who in turn were and are controlled by the Rothschilds.

“The details of how they accomplished the setting up of the CFR in the United States as also in the other nations, are far too voluminous to describe in this dissertation. But you can find it complete in news bulletin #122 entitled “UN is Spawn of the Illuminati”, and news bulletin #123 entitled “CFR Completely Unmasked as Illuminati”. Both are published by the Cinema Educational Guild, PO Box 46205, Hollywood California. You can get them for 50 cents per copy by writing to that address. Those news bulletins reveal the names of the original founders of the Illuminati and the Americanized names of their descendants in the present CFR.

“Now I’ll go back to the activities of the original Illuminati conspirators as revealed in news bulletin #122. One branch of the Rothschild family had financed Napoleon. Another branch of the Rothschilds, both branches the real masterminds of the Illuminati, financed Britain, Germany, and the other nations in the Napoleonic wars.

“Immediately after the Napoleonic wars, the Illuminati assumed that all the nations were so destitute and so weary of wars that they’d be glad for any solution, so the Rothschild stooges set up what they called the Congress in Vienna and at that meeting they tried to create the first League of Nations, their first attempted one-world government, on the theory that all the crowned heads of European governments were so deeply in debt to them that they would willingly or unwillingly serve as their stooges.

“But the Czar of Russia caught the stench of the plot and completely torpedoed it. The enraged Nathan Rothschild, then the head of the dynasty, vowed that someday he or his descendants would destroy the Czar and his entire family, and his descendants did accomplish that very threat in 1917.

“At this point, bear in mind that the Illuminati was not set up to operate on a short-range basis. Normally a conspirator of any type enters into a conspiracy with the expectation of achieving his objective during his own lifetime. But that was not the case with the Illuminati. True, they hoped to accomplish their objective during their lifetime, but paraphrasing, ‘the show must go on’. The Illuminati operates on the very long-range basis. Whether it will take scores of years or even centuries, they have dedicated their descendants to keep the pot boiling until, they hope, the conspiracy is achieved.

“Now let’s go back to the birth of the Illuminati. Adam Weishaupt was a Jesuit-trained professor of canon law, teaching in Ingolstadt University, when he defected from Christianity to embrace the Luciferian conspiracy. It was in 1770 that the professional money lenders, the then recently organized House of Rothschild, retained him to revise and modernize the age-old Protocols of Zionism, which from the outset, was designed to give the Synagogue of Satan, so named by Jesus Christ, ultimate world domination so they could impose the Luciferian ideology upon what would remain of the human race after the final social cataclysm by use of satanic despotism.

“Weishaupt completed his task May 1, 1776. Now you know why May 1 is the great day with all communist nations to this very day. That was the day, May 1, 1776, that Weishaupt completed his plan and officially organized the Illuminati to put the plan into execution. That plan required the destruction of all existing governments and religions. That objective was to be reached by dividing the masses of people whom he, Weishaupt, termed ‘goyim’, or ‘human cattle’, into opposing camps in ever increasing numbers on political, social, economic, and other issues– the very conditions we have in our country today.

“The opposing sides were then to be armed and incidents provided which would cause them to fight and weaken themselves and gradually destroy national governments and religious institutions. Again I say, the very conditions in the world today. And at this point let me stress a prime feature of the Illuminati plans. When and if their blueprint for world control, the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion”, is discovered and exposed, they would wipe all the Jews off the face of the earth in order to divert suspicions from themselves. If you think this is far-fetched, bear in mind that they permitted Hitler, a liberal socialist himself, who was financed by corrupt Kennedys, the Warburgs, and the Rothschilds, to incinerate 600,000 Jews.

“Now just why did the conspirators choose the word ‘Illuminati’ for their satanic organization? Weishaupt himself said that the word is derived from Lucifer and means “holders of the light.” Using the lie that his objective was to bring about a one-world government to enable those with mental ability to govern the world and prevent all wars in the future– in short, using the words ‘peace on earth’ as his bait– exactly as that same bait ‘peace’ was used by the 1945 conspirators to force the United Nations on us, Weishaupt financed, I repeat, by the Rothschilds, recruited some 2,000 paid followers. These included the most intelligent men in the field of arts and letters, education, the sciences, finance, and industry.

“He then established Lodges of the Grand Orient, Masonic Lodges, to be their secret headquarters and I again repeat, that in all of this he was acting under orders from the House of Rothschild. The main features of the Weishaupt plan of operation required his Illuminati to do the following things to help them to accomplish their purpose…”

End of quote.

I commend this recording to you.

So, in the 60’s we had two Jewish-Americans come forth and separately share what they knew about a Zionist-driven plan for global control. Those Zionists, as Freedman explained, were Khazars who claimed a false Semitic heritage.

Again I am drawn to say that I am not anti-Jewish and see many Jewish people as pawns in this game, even though they do not see it.

Perhaps the most thorough effort to understand the game behind the game has been undertaken by Graham Hancock and Robert Bauval, two very thorough researchers and wonderful authors. If you are not familiar with the breadth and thoroughness of Hancock’s work, along with the humility and forthrightness of the man, this recently posted video from the 2012 EarthKeeper’s conference is an excellent place to start.

Hancock and Bauval worked on this for over a decade, their first book being “Talisman” in 2004 and a subsequent rework being released in 2011 as “The Master Game”. These books draw together many threads of history, including the role of the Freemasons and the origins of their knowledge and traditions, reaching back to ancient Egypt. This video by Robert Bauval provides a great overview of the focus of “The Master Game”.

This work provides, amongst many other threads they trace, clear evidence of the activities of the Freemasons in influencing world events over the last two hundred or so years and their role in the layout and the architecture of London, Paris and Washington and their connections to ancient Egypt along with a plan to build a “new Jerusalem” in these locations. Returning to Bauval’s video, he explains how the Talisman in their books is the site of Solomon’s Temple, a site which has been fought over by Jews, Christians and Moslems for well over a thousand years.

Bauval goes on to explain how the Zionist movement, in his view, began in the late 19th century as a result of the efforts of Theodore Herzl with his 1896 pamphlet Der Judenstaat, leading to the emergence of Israel after WWII; however there is evidence these initiatives preceded Herzl. For example, Henry Ford in the appendices to his book on the “Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion” quotes two articles which date from 1860 which clearly indicate the guidelines contained in the Protocols are much older. Ditto the words from Myron Fagan earlier in this article.

Interestingly, Hancock and Bauval in “The Master Game” and in “Talisman” do not mention the name of Rothschild, dismiss the notion of a Zionist agenda behind events in our world and somewhat equivocally state that Weishaupt’s Illuminati disappeared soon after its creation. They also dismiss the “Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion” as a hoax (I will return to the Protocols in a separate article).

I have wondered why this is so, given the evidence to the contrary I have shared with you, and have wondered if it is because they have been following threads that arise in ancient Egypt, a subject they have both had a great interest in for many years, or the mainstream threads as they flowed into Europe from the Middle East. They rightly point out that the threads of Freemasonic interference in the affairs of Europe reach back prior to the creation of the Illuminati in 1776, though they make no mention of the creation of the Jewish-only masonic lodges under, for example, the name B’nai B’rith. In “The International Jew”, Henry Ford writes “It (B’nai B’rith) may be described as a freemasonry exclusively for Jews.”

Elsewhere, Ford says; “The organization about which the public has heard most is the Independent Order of B’nai B’rith. Its headquarters are not in New York, strange to say, but in Chicago. Its origin, however, as might be expected, was in New York. This interesting order, without a reference to which no survey of Jewry is complete, came into existence in the back room of an Essex street saloon in 1843. Strangely enough, its most moving spirit at the beginning was a Henry Jones, although his colleagues retained their Hebraic names.

“Because most of the founders were from Germany the name was given in German, Bundes Bruder, which is in Hebrew, B’nai B’rith (Brothers of the Covenant). The executive committee was known as The Elders. The order spread first to Cincinnati, apparently taking the course of German immigration through the country, and it is recorded that the second lodge in that city is the first where the English language was used in discussing lodge affairs. The first leap of the order abroad, was to Berlin where in 1885 Grand Lodge No. 8 was installed, followed soon after by Grand Lodges in Rumania and Austria. The order’s literature lays stress on the work of inculcating patriotism, which is said to be one of B’nai B’rith’s special interests. It is perhaps not meant, however, that the head office at Chicago could undertake, especially during recent years, to guide the patriotism of all the districts throughout the world. It would have been rather awkward for District No. 6, which includes Illinois, to encourage District No. 8 to loyalty, seeing that District No. 8 embraced Germany.”

And elsewhere; “The Independent Order of B’nai B’rith, which is now hopeful of reaching the 1,000,000 membership mark, is frankly international. It has divided the world into 11 districts, seven of which are in the United States. Its lodges at last report numbered 426. The four members of its executive committee who do not reside in the United States, reside in Berlin, Vienna, Bucharest, and Constantinople, respectively. Its lodges have been set up in the United States, Europe, Asia and Africa. Henry Morgenthau’s name appears in the 1919-1920 Jewish year book as a member of this executive committee. Mr. Morgenthau will be remembered as the American Minister to Turkey, later talked of as Ambassador to Mexico, then chosen by President Wilson to mediate between the Turks and the Armenians. Mr. Morgenthau also investigated for the President the reports of Polish pogroms.”

So, B’nai B’rith became a force to be reckoned with, alongside “traditional” Freemasonry.

One of the observations Hancock makes in the above-mentioned presentation is the role organised religion has played in the death and destruction on this planet; a view I wholeheartedly agree with. However, there is an underlying thread that I wish to connect with. In simple terms, organised religion has hijacked spirituality for its own ends. If you examine all of the major religions – Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism – they all have a mechanism for generating guilt and shame for people; scarcely the seeds of freedom, love and personal liberation. Most people in the Western world are familiar with the Christian notion that we are born in sin; a powerful mechanism for generating guilt and shame for Christians. Further, the priestly class has a pattern of hijacking great spiritual teachings or endeavours and creating from it a mechanism for control; whether it be the teachings of Mohammed, Jeshua (Jesus to most), Buddha, Moses, etc. We also saw this when the Pharaoh Akhenaten sought to bring forth a monotheistic religion in his time, only to see it destroyed by the priests who had lost their income and power. We saw it in the ancient Egyptian times, when the teachings and practices of Isis and Osiris were overtaken by the priests that followed them, and from less tangible information, the same thing occurred in Atlantis before its demise.

In my view, we have seen the same thing occur with Freemasonry, which appears to derive from a limited set of the knowledge and teachings of the Knights Templar, who history has, in my view, significantly misunderstood, taking control of its essentially positive, well-meaning agenda and turning it Satanic at its highest levels, as indicated by these first hand recollections of horrific, Satanic initiations for the highest level Freemasons. We have also seen it with so-called royalty, where the leaders of the past who generally operated in the interests of their constituents have given way to the deeply satanic crew we see that remain in such roles in Europe. So, this same old pattern has been rolled out for millennia on Earth and, in my view, Freemasonry has suffered the same fate.

In 1954, William Guy Carr (1895-1959), a onetime Canadian Naval Commander, published his book “Pawns In The Game”. I quote from his Introduction:

If what I reveal surprises and shocks the reader, please don’t develop an inferiority complex because I am frank to admit that although I have worked since 1911, trying to find out why the Human Race can’t live in peace and enjoy the bounties and blessing God provides for our use and benefit in such abundance? It was 1950 before I penetrated the secret that the wars and revolutions which scourge our lives, and the chaotic conditions that prevail, are nothing more or less than the effects of the continuing Luciferian conspiracy. (My emphasis)

End of quote.

So, Carr had been on a mission to understand how the world worked and why it could not be peaceful, and concluded it was because of a “continuing Luciferian conspiracy”. In this article, I simply want to focus upon what Carr had to say in regard to the Illuminati’s infiltration of Freemasonry. I quote:

The Illuminati went underground. Weishaupt instructed his Illuminists to infiltrate into the lodges of Blue Masonry and form a secret society within secret societies.

Only masons who proved themselves Internationalists, and those whose conduct proved they had defected from God, are initiated into the Illuminati. Thus the conspirators used the cloak of philanthropy to hide their revolutionary and subversive activities. In order to infiltrate into masonic lodges in Britain Illuminists invited John Robison over to Europe. He was a high degree mason in the Scottish Rite: Professor of natural philosophy at Edinburgh University; and Secretary of The Royal Society of Edinburgh. John Robison did not fall for the lie that the objective of the one worlders was to form a benevolent dictatorship. He kept his reactions to himself however, and was entrusted with a copy of Weishaupt’s Revised Conspiracy for study and safe keeping.

Because the heads of church and state in France were advised to ignore the warnings given them the revolution broke out in 1789. In order to alert other governments to their danger, in 1798 John Robison published a book, entitled “Proof of a Conspiracy to Destroy All Governments and Religions”. But his warnings have been ignored, as were the others.

Thomas Jefferson had become a student of Weishaupt’s. He was one of his strongest defenders when he was outlawed by his government. Jefferson infiltrated the Illuminati into the newly organized Lodges of The Scottish Rite in New England. Realizing this information will shock many Americans I wish to record the following facts:

  • In 1789, John Robison warned masonic leaders the Illuminati had infiltrated into their lodges. On July 19th, 1798, David Pappen, President of Harvard University, issued the same warning to the graduating class and lectured them on the influence Illuminism was having on American politics and religion.
  • John Quincy Adams had organized the New England Masonic Lodges. In 1800 he decided to oppose Jefferson for the presidency. He wrote three letters to Colonel Wm. L. Stone exposing how Jefferson was using masonic lodges for subversive purposes. The information contained in these letters is credited with winning Adams the election. The letters are in Rittenburg Square Library, in Philadelphia.
  • In 1826 Captain Wm. Morgan decided it was his duty to inform other Masons and the general public what the TRUTH is regarding the Illuminati, their secret plans and intended purpose. The Illuminati obtained the services of Richard Howard, an English Illuminist, to carry out their sentence “That Morgan be EXECUTED as a traitor. Captain Morgan was warned of his danger. He tried to escape to Canada but Howard caught up with him near the border. He was murdered near the Niagara Gorge. Research proved that one Avery Allyn made a sworn affidavit in the City of New York to the effect that he heard Richard Howard report to a meeting of Knights Templars in St. John’s Hall, New York, how he had ‘Executed’ Morgan. He told how arrangements had then been made to ship Howard back to England.
  • Very few people to-day know that general disapproval and disgust over this incident caused nearly 40% of Masons belonging to the Northern Jurisdiction of the United States to secede. I have copies of minutes of a meeting held to discuss this particular matter. The power of those who direct the Luciferian conspiracy against God and Man can be realized by the ability of their agents to prevent such outstanding events of history being taught in our public schools.
  • In 1829, the Illuminati held a meeting in New York which was addressed by a British Illuminist named Wright. Those in attendance were informed that the Illuminati intended to unite the Nihilist and Atheist groups with all other subversive organizations into an international organization to be known as Communism. This destructive force was to be used to enable the Illuminati to foment future wars and revolutions. Clinton Roosevelt (a direct ancestor of F.D. R.) Horace Greeley and Chas. Dana were appointed a committee to raise funds for this new venture. The fund they raised financed Karl Marx and Engels when they wrote “Das Capital” and “The Communist Manifesto” in Soho, England.

End of quote.

From this work by Carr, the penetration of the Illuminati into Freemasonry and also the United States Government at the highest levels is very clear.

This 1943 French film, Occult Forces was made during the time of the Vichy Government in France and was apparently funded by Germany. Following WWII, the film’s writer, Jean-Marie Riviere, was imprisoned and the Producer, Robert Muzard, and the Director, Paul Riche (the pseudonym of Jean Mamy), were condemned to death, Mamy apparently being executed. Today we would dismiss the film simply as German wartime propaganda, but there are some interesting threads associated with it. Firstly, it shows the Masonic initiation ritual in detail, which is probably accurate since Mamy was a former Freemason. Secondly, it shows extensive Jewish involvement in Grand Orient Freemasonry, which may simply be propaganda, but it connects with the testimony of Myron Fagan claiming the Grand Orient lodges were created by the Illuminati. William Guy Carr says the same in his book. Thirdly, there is the interesting story of Professor Bernard Fay, who under the Vichy regime extensively researched the presence of Freemasons in high positions in France and who oversaw the making of Forces Occultes. Fay was imprisoned after the war before being pardoned in 1953. I quote from this article:

As administrator of the Bibliotheque Nationale, he supervised government-ordered research into the archives of Freemasons and other secret societies, a project eventually producing 170,000 leads.  Baron Julius Evola, another esoteric investigator, did similar work with Freemasonic archives in Vienna, also working with German intelligence agencies.  Evola’s work ended when he was severely injured in a Soviet air raid, but Bernard Fay completed his task and reported his findings, from which trials resulted.  After the Allies took over and a new government installed, Fay was charged with war crimes, blaming him for 117 deaths. He was tried by a puppet court, and sentenced to life in prison.  To his credit, during the show trial, he was largely unrepentant.  When interrogated, he said this.

“I was glad to have in my hands the instrument capable of renovating the country. My mission was to organize a service for the detection of the Freemasons and Masonic archives. To be successful in that work, I was obligated to have relations with the Germans, especially as they had an organization parallel with ours.  Fay simply said that he was …a historian who was doing this for intellectual reasons.”

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For me, the evidence brought forth by Benjamin Freedman in 1961 is unequivocal regarding the role of the Zionists in the events of the 20th century and the evidence that they have overtaken the highest levels of Freemasonry overwhelming, using them as a front to drive their agenda of global dominance on every level. The Illuminati, in their turn, are a front for the Satanic Zionists (not mainstream Jews, who are also victims of these actions).

By way of illustration, I give you, amongst the Freemasonic symbolism of Washington, the occult symbol of Moloch the owl in the grounds surrounding the Capitol building.Moloch the owl in Washington


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