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SHADE the Motion Picture

SHADE is a recently released documentary discussing many of the issues I raise in these emails and blog, including population control and mechanisms for reducing it, the agendas of the global elite, though it does not go so far as to finger the Rothschilds. It also discusses chemtrails in some detail, which I have not.

It illustrates the importance of humanity waking up before it’s too late – a point I often make, although not exactly in those words.

I commend this documentary to you.

Chomsky covers up world’s worst-ever war crime

I found this discussion of Noam Chomsky’s position on 9/11, in particular his breathtakingly indefensible position on Building 7 in the video linked to it, to be little short of extraordinary. I am simply left asking who’s paying the piper?

Genetic Roulette: How GMO Food Will Be Our Undoing [video]

Thank you, Molly.

This video is, in my view, the most powerful and well documented explanation of the horrendous impact of GMO foods, and I commend it to you.

One of the major points made about GMO food is the impact upon the digestive system of the GMO grains, allowing food components and toxins into the bloodstream that would not otherwise get there, leading to a rapid increase in gut-related disease, but also such things as auto-immune disease, Alzheimer’s, autism and so on.

Modern wheat, which came into the food chain prior to modern GMO’s around 1980, is also producing similar effects, as documented by Dr. William Davis. It does not matter if it’s grown organically or in whole grain form.

The FDA is serving the agenda of the GMO industry, in particular Monsanto. Indeed the “doctrine of substantial equivalence” that sees GMO products flow unfettered into the US food chain, introduced under the direction of George Bush Sr., was specified at the request of Monsanto.

Again I am reminded of the message on the Georgia Guidestones :

Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.

Most people have not yet begun to consider this – there are those in positions of power and control on this planet who want to reduce the population from 7BN people to 0.5BN, and when you look through this lens, the free-flow of GMO products into the US food chain begins to make sense. Until people begin to realise this, the GMO agenda makes no sense.

LAX shooter, the storyline, the agenda, the questions

I am producing this post from Jon Rappoport in full here, to which I add another item at the end:


November 1, 2013

Mainstream media sources are now reporting:

The shooter at LAX, who killed one TSA (?) employee and wounded several others today, is in custody. His name is Paul Anthony Ciancia. He is 23 years old. His weapon was a semi-automatic rifle.

Pete Williams (NBC, who, as chief Pentagon spokesman, covered up the extent of US military killings in the 1989 Panama invasion), states that Ciancia had “anti-government materials” in his bag.

Other sources state Ciancia had a note in his bag which stated that he wanted to “kill TSA.”

Ciancia is a Los Angeles resident. His family lives in Pennsville, New Jersey. This morning, prior to the shooting, Ciancia’s father called the local Pennsville police and reported his son was missing.

The father also stated that his son had written to a sibling “in reference to taking his own life.”

That’s the storyline so far.

Agenda? Another gun murder in a public place, so take away guns from everybody. Semi-auto rifle was used? Ban them. Gun plus anti-government opinion? Terrorist. Step up surveillance, ID, watch, harass, and even arrest people who own guns and don’t like the government.

And now for the questions. This is a checklist that should accompany every such mass

Was the accused shooter seeing a psychiatrist?

Had he ever seen a psychiatrist or MD who prescribed psychiatric drugs?

If so, what were the drugs?

Ritalin (or other speed-type compounds) for ADHD?

Antidepressants, in particular the SSRI types (e.g., Prozac, Paxil, Zoloft)?

Both classes of drugs are known to push people over into suicidal ideation, suicide, violence, murder. (See Peter Breggin, Toxic Psychiatry, Medication Madness, and other titles. Also see the website, SSRI stories.)

Had the accused shooter ever withdrawn from, stopped using any psychiatric drugs? Withdrawal, done incorrectly, can cause severe problems, including aggression and violence.

Had the accused shooter ever stated he was under surveillance, was being harassed by authorities, was being targeted with microwaves, was hearing voices?

Yes, there are people who incorrectly believe these things are happening to them; but there are also people who are, in fact, being subjected to such harassment and control.

Has the accused shooter ever been subjected to military indoctrination? Has he ever had connections to military or civilian intelligence employees or assets? If so, what were the specifics?

And finally, was the accused shooter actually the shooter, or was he a patsy, a scapegoat?

I’m not downplaying the difficulty of answering these questions. But I am saying they’re all relevant.

Whereas the job of major media, in these incidents, is relaying to the public the statements of law-enforcement personnel and politicians. That’s their only job. They don’t investigate. They don’t go off on their own. They don’t know what they pretend to know. Pretending is what earns them their paychecks.

Jon Rappoport


The item I would add to this list is mind control. Has the shooter been subjected to mind control programming? This is far more widespread than any of us imagine, layered on top of the widespread, institutionalised sexual abuse, torture and murder that is simply kept under the carpet. Just yesterday a woman who is closely connected to our work revealed to me the abuse she was subjected to and the ritualistic murders she witnessed as a child, paralleling the extraordinary experiences of Cathy O’Brien that I have mentioned several times in the past.

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