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The great global warming swindle

Just after I finished yesterday’s piece on global warming, this video showed up in my email. It tells a powerful story supporting all I said yesterday and much more. Admittedly, they still don’t see the game behind the game, but few do unless they’ve been looking for a while, but it is very visible in this video for those with eyes to see. One glaring example is the explosion in funding under Bush Sr. for global warming research; a 10-fold increase, I believe. And as is discussed, when you direct the funding in a particular direction, you get research funding applications and research outcomes that are self-fulfilling. Bush Sr., as many will recall, was oft heard promoting the New World Order. One day the world will understand the agendas of this man – hopefully whilst he’s still alive and can be held accountable. Cathy O’Brien’s recovered memories provide an entrée into this.

As I said yesterday, it is a swindle to blame the man in the street for global warming and it is complete nonsense. Even though CO2 concentrations have historically tracked temperature, they lag temperature by 800 years – the time it takes for the sea temperature to respond.

Neither you nor I need worry a dot about our CO2 production.

Again, we need to look at why this swindle is being peddled. Put simply, it is yet another example of the application of the Hegelian Dialectic (or as David Icke calls it – problem, reaction, solution) to have us adopt a solution to a problem – real or otherwise – that they have created. In this case, there is no problem, but it is a wonderful stalking horse by which, once more our freedoms are limited and the path of humanity is steered in their interests (read Agenda 21, for example).

Microwave Pulse gives birth to Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda)?

What is not in doubt is that the US military have plans to control the world’s weather by 2025.

This video gives you a link to this information and makes the case that this horrendous typhoon bombarding the Philippines was man-made.

Something Unknown Is Doing We Don’t Know What

For the most part, the notion of what most consider the paranormal is considered the territory of odd-ball fringe dwellers, people who don’t deserve serious consideration by those living a “normal” life. Indeed, most in the Western world give scant regard for the skills and abilities displayed by the yogis of the Himalayas, amongst others, as if what they do does not exist, as if, even they can display these skills, they are not relevant to those of us living an everyday Western life.

For me, one of the best entrees into this world for we Westerners is Yogananda’s wonderful book Autobiography of a Yogi. Apart from being beautifully and sensitively written, it is a wonderful window into the possibilities of what it means to be human that most of us in the Western world do not currently contemplate.

Returning to the notion of the paranormal, there is a group of scientists who have brought the strongest of scientific rigor to the investigation of the paranormal. Perhaps the most well-known of these is Dean Radin, who has been researching these phenomena in an uncompromising manner for over 30 years.

In 2009, a wonderful film was made entitled “Something Unknown Is Doing We Don’t Know What”, which I was fortunate to see soon after it was released. It is a very thorough and careful entrée into the work of a variety of well-respected, classically trained individuals who work in this space. It has recently become available on YouTube and you can watch it here. I commend it to you.

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