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I find it amusing how events unfold at times. I have just watched this 20 minute video in which James Fetzer pulls together all of the threads I see at work from the other threads I shared with you in the JFK assassination and its consequences, even referring to the dark hand behind it all.

The Sides Are Forming for the Coming Civil War

I am not saying that I agree with everything in this article; however, the points raised by Dave Hodges reflect views held by what appears to be a growing number in the United States, and I share it for your consideration. Certainly much of what he shares by way of background is undisputable.

An acknowledgement of Carolyn Evers and a gift for you

Some of you know that today (26th) is Carolyn’s birthday. Some of you also know that she is currently in rehab after her challenging fall in early August. In her absence, it is perhaps easy to forget the extraordinary gifts she brings to those who follow her work .

So, in acknowledgement of Carolyn I am sharing with you a pre-release version of one of the Episodes of the True Stories of the Templar Knights, messages that she and I took from the Knights Templar mostly in 2010 and 2011, which we expect to release soon. Although this will challenge the beliefs of many of you, we all have the ability to communicate with other forms of consciousness, and also that we all have a soul which survives death and which continues to be available to communicate with as Carolyn demonstrates in this video. This particular Episode carries so many threads of what this material covers, and it also carries a message of hope for us all. May the promise of this message soon be in our experience.

You can access this recording at .

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