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Typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan was a NWO false flag event

Thank you, Molly.

Whilst the description of where things are at in Australia with the carbon tax is not strictly accurate in this video, it does illustrate what appears to be going on here; Typhoon Yolanda slammed into the Philippines just before the current conference on climate change in Poland. A coincidence? Based upon what we see unfolding around it; a hunger strike by the Philippino representative to the conference, every seemingly sane voice screaming for action on climate change, it is looking very much like the classic problem/reaction/solution model that has been used so widely in the past.

The truth about climate change and global warming can be found here and here.

I have already shared with you the evidence that simply came my way about this typhoon being man-made. Perhaps we now know why. I was exchanging thoughts with others just a few hours ago about why this typhoon might have been created, and here it is – to manipulate the world into the elite’s preferred action on climate change – a tax for being alive.

Do you see how deeply the truth gets buried? It becomes almost impossible for a sane person to contemplate the truth in the face of the onslaught. 9/11 was like this, along with many other events and understandings in our world. Watching this one unfold in front of our eyes, yet not realising why in the beginning gives us a unique insight into how this game gets played.

C(Lie)mate #3 – What Doesn’t Make The News

This video pulls together a broad range of the pointers on the Earth’s climate changes – it’s the sun. And the evidence points to us perhaps heading into a period of significant cooling.

So why does the mainstream press, the IPCC and governments across the planet push CO2-based global warming? I’ve explained this elsewhere.

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