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MT Keshe: Opening of the Keshe Spaceship Institute (SSI)

Thank you, Hedy. An exciting announcement. Perhaps we are seeing true progress.

There is a link to the source document at the bottom and I encourage you to browse the comments, especially for Keshe’s replies to questions. For those not familiar with Keshe and his technology, it will give you some sense of its scope.


Exciting news!

While MT Keshe has been keeping a low profile more or less, he has indeed been busy and recently announced the opening of the Keshe Spaceship Institute in Italy in early 2014.  Let’s hope this is the beginning of a great future for all nations around the globe…

Opening of the Spaceship Institute (SSI)

11-01-2013, 10:50 AM

The start of the world teaching program of the Keshe Foundations and setting up of the “Spaceship Institute” in Italy was unveiled and announced in the press conference organized by the Keshe Foundation in Brescia, Italy on 31.10.2013.

In this press conference, Dr. Aristide Pele (Councilor Education and University of Brescia Province), Mr. Fabio Maroni (former Member of Parliament and member of the Constitutional Affairs Committee) and Mr. M T Keshe the Founder of the Keshe Foundation announced the opening of this institute in early 2014.

Following the discussion in the last session of the Italian parliament about the work of the keshe Foundation and transfer of its spaceship technology to Italy, this announcement completes the move of the Founder and its Foundation to Italy early this year.

By the opening of this institute, Italy after Iran becomes the third nation, which has entered the spaceship technology developed by Iranian nuclear Eng. M T Keshe.

The Spaceship Institute (SSI) was said in this press conference will be ready to accept 250 scientists from around the world.

The methods of teaching and whom can be qualified for the first years to be the knowledge seeker in this institute was laid out through power point presentation by the founder of the Foundation.

The establishment of this institute is the final steps in bringing the world scientists around the same table to develop new systems and after two years to be able to produce the full working craft for excursion into space by an international team of scientists.

In this meeting the ALS volunteer Mr. Bassan, whom his video was released last week by the Foundation was present too, and the press present for the meeting interviewed him as they wished.

By establishing the “Spaceship Institute,” the working of the first world scientific elite university is set in motion.

The Keshe Foundation in the press conference invited the world scientists to gather in Italy to work as united team in bringing the new technology to all nations in one move.

With uniting the scientific world, in sharing advance Magravs technology and the gained knowledge rapidly through out the world by the procedures setout in the press conference, the Foundation is making the path ready for the world peace by equality in science and wealth across the world.

The Founder of the Keshe Foundation officially invites genius scientists in plasma and space technology from the Islamic Republic of Iran, the most amazing Scientists from space agency of United State of America, the most intuitive scientists from the People’s Republic of China, and the most advance space technologist in space science of Russian Federation, the most amazing Italian scientists, the most talented scientists from the state Israel and other valued scientists from other nations of the world to join us in the first semester of this international “Spaceship Institute” in March 2014.

The Keshe Foundation in the coming days will send official invitations to nations for them to appoint at least 10 scientists from different discipline to this institute.

We expect cordial response from the government and scientific groups of Iran, United state of America, and Israel; it is time to ignore our human difference and join in uniting this planet for peaceful journeys of our children into space as united family.

In space, there are no territories and flags except the flag of unity of the mankind in the deep spans of universe.

We have our space reactor ready and on standby for your scientists to test, develop, and share their knowledge with the rest of the mankind in the coming months.

It is time that the nations of the world to put aside these pittance difference and work as one peaceful united nation and race for the betterment of the humanity.

Our invitations to each nation will be released, as with our peace treaty on the forum of the Foundation as before and it is the responsibility of each citizen to prepare their nations for participating in this institute.

The Keshe Foundation


The vaccine mafia and its jury of thugs: your rulers

An insightful post from Jon Rappoport on the bizarre path for remedy from so-called autism caused by childhood vaccination.

There’s a question that arises for the doubters that vaccinations are, at least in some cases, causing these conditions – if they were not, why would this tortuous path to “remedy” have been created? Put simply, it would not.

Most do not recognise it, but there is a history of burying these “mistakes”.

You can begin by reading Dr. Mary’s Monkey, which tells the story of the vaccine developments conducted in New Orleans in the 50’s and 60’s and their amazingly coincidental entanglement with the John F Kennedy assassination.

Or you might research how the condition known as polio emerged as a modern illness, only to disappear again.

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