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An acknowledgement of Carolyn Evers and a gift for you

Some of you know that today (26th) is Carolyn’s birthday. Some of you also know that she is currently in rehab after her challenging fall in early August. In her absence, it is perhaps easy to forget the extraordinary gifts she brings to those who follow her work .

So, in acknowledgement of Carolyn I am sharing with you a pre-release version of one of the Episodes of the True Stories of the Templar Knights, messages that she and I took from the Knights Templar mostly in 2010 and 2011, which we expect to release soon. Although this will challenge the beliefs of many of you, we all have the ability to communicate with other forms of consciousness, and also that we all have a soul which survives death and which continues to be available to communicate with as Carolyn demonstrates in this video. This particular Episode carries so many threads of what this material covers, and it also carries a message of hope for us all. May the promise of this message soon be in our experience.

You can access this recording at .

Mehran Keshe Announces Spaceship Institute

Thank you, Hedy.

I see powerful opportunities for humanity on many levels in the Keshe technology. This video provides an update on the current state of play.

The JFK assassination

JFK’s assassination has held my interest for a long time, and many have written or spoken about it. 50 years on, those directly involved have also passed on, and the very tight cover over those involved has leaked in many ways.

It has become clear that there were many interests who wanted him dead – the mafia, the CIA and its recently fired boss Allen Dulles, the Texan oil bosses, LBJ, the military industrial complex, the global bankers, J Edgar Hoover… It is a long list, and perhaps all of them had a hand in it in some way, based upon the evidence.

Let me share with you what I have found to be the most powerful pieces of evidence that this was a carefully planned and executed conspiracy that in ways continues to this day. Let me begin with some statistics regarding the death rate of the witnesses to the event. It is clear from this data that anyone who knew too much was likely to not survive that knowing. Roger Craig was one, and tells his story here – before he was shot.

Next the clear evidence that the US Government was responsible for falsifying how he died. Those who saw the body and took the original x-rays etc. spoke of a massive wound to the back of the head. The official report was of a massive wound to the front of the head. This shows he was shot through the front of the head with at least one shot, and it was important to those involved that this be covered up. More on this shortly.

This episode from the History channel which was never shown due to the action of interests associated with LBJ provides powerful evidence of his involvement, along with the legal and oil interests of Texas.

E. Howard Hunt is perhaps best known for his involvement in the Watergate scandal. Not long before his death, he confessed his involvement and that of the CIA in the assassination of JFK to his son, Saint John Hunt, which he shares in great detail in this excellent recent interview with Dr. Kevin Barrett. You can download an mp3 version of this interview from here. Saint John Hunt also fingers LBJ as the instigator of the assassination. The background to the CIA’s primary on-the-ground hatred for JFK related his perceived failure over the “Bay of Pigs” invasion, and the background to the truth of this is explained in the Colonel Prouty interview I recently shared with you. Despite his denials, George Bush Sr. was working for the CIA at that time, was involved in the Bay of Pigs project and was also present in Dallas on that fateful day, and his fingerprints are all over what has unfolded in America since that time.

Returning to buried evidence that JFK was shot in the head from the front, I find this analysis that Texan Governor John Connally, seated in front of JFK and a close associate of LBJ may have shot JFK at point blank range, to have greater credibility.

And the global finance interest? This article discusses how JFK had moved to free the US from the grip of the global bankers by allowing the US Treasury to issue its own currency, rather than paying interest to the owners of the Federal Reserve for the privilege. I do not see any direct evidence of their involvement; however in my view you need look no further than the CIA and their ultimate agenda. From its inception under Dulles, the CIA was deeply involved through Operation Paperclip in bringing those German scientists involved in advanced scientific projects such as rocketry but also all of the scientists and doctors involved in mind control, torture and eugenics into the United States to continue their work – as well as protecting the interests of the wealthy Americans who funded Hitler and worked on joint projects with the Nazis before and during WWII. So the CIA, in my view, has strongly served those global banking interests, headed up by the Rothschilds, from its very inception. The protection of these individuals and their immigration to the United States reveals that dark, hidden agenda that sees these projects continue on, wherever they can best be pursued. Perhaps this soon-to-released documentary will shed more light on all of this, and perhaps JFK understood all of this very well.

Then we get to the Lee Harvey Oswald story, the patsy in the assassination. Arguably the best source on Oswald is Judyth Vary Baker, the author of Me and Lee, who was Oswald’s lover in New Orleans in the time leading up to the assassination. Judyth was a science prodigy, who found a way to trigger cancer in sterile mice in a week, whilst she was still in her teens, and this made her of great interest to those working on virus and cancer research in New Orleans, and also interested in finding a way to infect Castro with cancer. She shares her story with Susan Lindauer in great detail in this recent radio interview. There is also a recent very brief video interview with Judyth. Judyth also shares her views on YouTube. Her credibility is strengthened by the fact that her academic records have been deleted and she has had to flee to Europe for her own safety. Several of these sources make it clear that Oswald was employed by the CIA and had above top secret security clearances at a very young age, before he supposedly defected to Russia. Dr. Mary’s Monkey also provides some fascinating background to Oswald and what was going on in New Orleans at that time.

Finally, perhaps this 4 minute video summarises all of this in short order, beautifully illustrating the ludicrous nature of the official story.

For me, there is no doubt the forces that came together to see JFK assassinated are alive and well in the United States, and are stronger than ever.

Interview with “Mr.X” Col. Prouty

This video interview is a very different take on the post WWII history of the United States and the assassination of JFK. Did you know that in 1945, the weapons and other war materials gathered in Asia for the land invasion of Japan that never occurred, went half to Korea and half to Ho Chi Minh? That’s 1945. These two wars were planned before the end of WWII. Quite an interview and a powerful illustration of how the history we are fed is simply propaganda.

Global Warming is for Genocide

This video from 2009 provides an interesting background to the creation of the global warming myth and the background to the environmental movement.

The case for the Philippines typhoon being triggered to influence the current climate change conference

I suspect that you may have trouble accepting the links I have put in place pointing to typhoon Yolanda, which recently devastated the Philippines as being set to influence the current climate change talks in Poland.

So let me take this from the top and spell out the pieces.

Human activity is not responsible for global warming

This notion is so deeply entrenched that it is almost impossible to consider it to be otherwise. Indeed, it is widely stated that there is a consensus of scientists agreeing that it is so. In fact, it is not so. Yes, there are many apparent pointers to human activity causing global warming; however, it is important to recognise the fundamental impact of directed funding on the focus of research projects and their outcomes. In simple terms, scientists choose to undertake research that will be funded and bring forth outcomes that ensure they continue to be funded. I do not intend this to be a discussion of the scientific process, the nature of science and how it is manipulated, though I will probably do that as a separate posting.

To understand the views of some highly regarded climate scientists that do not get promoted in the mainstream media, watch this video. Their perspective is completely juxtaposed to the mainstream view of global warming.

For a complementary and separate perspective, read this previous post and follow the links in it. Apart from providing you with this graph:


showing there is no correlation with human CO2 generation and temperature, it shares with you careful research which completely discredits the original tree ring research pointing to global warming. Yes, we are in a period where temperatures are warmer, but this warming is not outside earlier ranges.

Unsurprisingly, the warming and cooling on planet Earth is primarily driven by the changing behaviour of the sun, and it is believed by some key climate scientists that we have begun a period of reduced sunspot activity, which may see our planet cool significantly in the next few years. This video covers this ground.

As I said, this truth is so deeply buried, it seems impossible for it to be true. Moreover, had the alternative energy paths been allowed to flourish from early last century, beginning with the work of Nikola Tesla, we would never have needed this century of fossil fuel consumption, nor the abomination of nuclear power.

In making this point about global warming, I am not advocating a disregard for how we treat the planet; quite the contrary.

Why are we told this lie about climate change?

This lie is perpetrated to bring forth Agenda 21 and to impose global taxes such as a carbon tax based upon global warming.

Was typhoon Yolanda man-made?

This conversation was not one I went looking for. The pieces literally landed in my lap – or more accurately in my Inbox.

The first suggestion of this from dutchsinse I shared more as a piece of speculation, as my post at the time showed. I was not convinced, but given he has been tracking this subject for some years, I felt it was of interest to share here. Those who sought to discredit his work triggered him to lay out the background to his claim. However, what interested me most was the completely independent evidence coming forth. Included in this material is video footage discussing the massive SBX-1 mobile phased array radar (i.e.  HAARP –based) platform.


Look at the scale of this beast. It is 28 stories high. The SBX-1 is discussed in detail in this article, along with evidence that it was deployed to the Philippines at the time of this typhoon.

I quote from the document Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025, published in 1996:

In extreme cases, it might involve the creation of completely new weather patterns, attenuation or control of severe storms, or even alteration of global climate on a far-reaching and/or long-lasting scale.

So was the SBX-1 used in conjunction with land-based HAARP and other installations to trigger this typhoon?

I quote from this article:

A steerable US land-based X-Band Radar system (COBRA DANE phased array radar system) was already built in northern Japan by the United States military and has been operational since 2006 and a second COBRA DANE installation in central Japan came online just prior to super typhoon Haiyan – the strongest wind storm ever recorded – being formed at sea and steered into the Philippines using HAARP AMISR phased array radar beam triangulation.

Advanced Technology Microwave Sounder (ATMS) and satellite weather radar data from the Pacific region detected 2 stationary (land based) microwave hot spots and 1 slow moving hot spot at  sea  (The HAARP SBX-! is a slow moving sea-based X-Band phased array platform)  giving evidence that the U.S. military created and steered typhoon Haiyan using 3 HAARP systems.  The 2 land-based systems in Japan and the seafaring SBX-1. Using 3 phased array radar systems drastically improves the angular resolution of the emitted microwave – steers the microwave beam with pinpoint accuracy.  Another U.S. military controlled HAARP installation was available on Guam – the COBRA DANE installation pictured in this article.

End of quote.

So, the material I have shared with you provides evidence of the ability to create this typhoon and evidence from two sources that it was done.

Why would this typhoon be created, intentionally killing thousands of people?

Perhaps the biggest issue that confronts all of us when we contemplate such an act is that it profoundly challenges our sensibilities. How could anybody do that?

It’s important that we recognise what those who run the game on this planet are willing to do to get where they want to go – literally anything. How many have been killed in Iraq during and since the Iraqi war? Over a million by my reckoning. So, 10,000 people is nothing by comparison. Also, as I’ve said many times, if the target is 0.5BN people on the planet, as expressed on the Georgia Guidestones, what’s a few thousand to get your way?

If it was man-made, it had a purpose, and that purpose will be reflected in its timing. In my view, this typhoon was timed to influence the current conference on climate change in Warsaw, November 11-22. You cannot ignore the timing, and you cannot ignore that the typhoon is being used to influence the decision-making at that conference. See this video and this commentary. We are seeing mass rallies around the world calling for action on climate change. Who cares about the truth? It’s completely lost.

This is how it’s done, my friends, time and time again. The Hegelian Dialectic: create the problem (in this case a manufactured, false problem of man-made global warming); trigger the reaction (mass rallies calling for change, even a hunger strike); bring forth the solution (global carbon taxes, etc.)

It took us a while to figure out what had happened on 9/11. This one some of us are watching in real time and being considered crazy by many for calling it as it is. Remember, I never ask you to believe anything I say. Do your own homework, beginning with the links I have given you.

In my view, it will take a shift in human consciousness to end this horrible, unending manipulation that humanity is inside of. Nothing less. May it be on our doorstep.

Hacktivist Jeremy Hammond gets 10 years jail

Jeremy Hammond received the maximum 10 years jail for hacking into Stratfor. Many consider Jeremy a modern civil rights activist and, given that he was groomed to attack Stratfor by an FBI informant, who then uploaded all of the data onto an FBI server, his sentence to be extreme.

This RT video discusses Jeremy’s case. You can read Jeremy’s sentencing statement here.

Typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan was a NWO false flag event

Thank you, Molly.

Whilst the description of where things are at in Australia with the carbon tax is not strictly accurate in this video, it does illustrate what appears to be going on here; Typhoon Yolanda slammed into the Philippines just before the current conference on climate change in Poland. A coincidence? Based upon what we see unfolding around it; a hunger strike by the Philippino representative to the conference, every seemingly sane voice screaming for action on climate change, it is looking very much like the classic problem/reaction/solution model that has been used so widely in the past.

The truth about climate change and global warming can be found here and here.

I have already shared with you the evidence that simply came my way about this typhoon being man-made. Perhaps we now know why. I was exchanging thoughts with others just a few hours ago about why this typhoon might have been created, and here it is – to manipulate the world into the elite’s preferred action on climate change – a tax for being alive.

Do you see how deeply the truth gets buried? It becomes almost impossible for a sane person to contemplate the truth in the face of the onslaught. 9/11 was like this, along with many other events and understandings in our world. Watching this one unfold in front of our eyes, yet not realising why in the beginning gives us a unique insight into how this game gets played.

C(Lie)mate #3 – What Doesn’t Make The News

This video pulls together a broad range of the pointers on the Earth’s climate changes – it’s the sun. And the evidence points to us perhaps heading into a period of significant cooling.

So why does the mainstream press, the IPCC and governments across the planet push CO2-based global warming? I’ve explained this elsewhere.

The discussion about the cause of the Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda that hit the Philippines has escalated – continued

Thank you, Molly.


Well, I was right. We have not seen the end of this discussion. Indeed there are claims arising from a completely separate source that Typhoon Haiyan was generated by US military action. See this video and this website to which it refers.


From: Richard Presser []
Sent: Tuesday, 12 November 2013 10:53
Subject: The discussion about the cause of the Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda that hit the Philippines has escalated


I recently shared a video with you which claimed that Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda was triggered by a microwave pulse.

You may have seen some of the claims that it was caused by global warming – entirely to be expected.

It turns out I was not the only one who spotted the Dutchsinse video, sufficient to trigger a public response in which it was bagged by so-called “experts”. What they didn’t realise was that this was like taking a stick and stirring a hornet’s nest, triggering a comprehensive response from Dutchsinse to their claims and criticisms. For me, this was an excellent outcome, since it prompted Dutchsinse to put together a comprehensive picture of all of the well-documented evidence behind his claims.

I think we have not seen the end of this.

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