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No one can finish writing an article about David Cole/Stein

I am sharing the entire segment of this article regarding David Stein:

Murky though the literary swamp may be, occasionally a genuinely daring and funny writer like David Cole/Stein will put together a hooky enough premise and a good enough publicity machine to get some momentum. Unfortunately, if you’re smart and daring, your hooky premise is probably going to scare people.

His 2014 book Republican Party Animal hit #1 on Amazon’s list of best-selling Jewish biographies this summer, but the topic of said book—Cole’s double past as both a Holocaust revisionist and a booze-fest organizer for the GOP—incited former friend and fellow conservative Eric Golub of the Washington Times to declare him “pure evil” and “an affront to 6,000 years of Jewish tradition.”

Cole—who faked his death and changed his name to “Stein” when his career as a revisionist got too life-threatening—spent the latter half of the year watching journalists begin writing stories about him, then chicken out and pull the plug. He’s a moderate revisionist; Jewish himself, he’s looking for the truth about history, not the guts of the Hebrew Conspiracy Spider. But he’s treading taboo ground, and that’s enough to make the new yellow journalism wet itself. (My emphasis).

His publishers, Feral House, are notorious for their dark subject matter—satanists, terrorists—and their ability to get publicity for their authors nonetheless. But the outlets that are usually open to FH are less bold when it comes to Cole. The Guardian—which Stein calls “the paper that got a lot of mileage out of outing me publicly [as a revisionist] in 2013”—the New York Post, and the L.A. Times all killed their write-ups in vitro.

He says things reached their “inevitably lunatic conclusion” when Radio-TV Interview Report (RTIR) refused a paid ad from Feral House for Republican Party Animal: “Yes, they actually said no to money… in order to prevent the public from learning about a book that I doubt anyone at RTIR had actually taken the time to read.”

End of quote.

What we see here is how powerful the forces are that fashion what reaches the awareness of the public, and anything that threatens the official narrative, especially in relation to the Holocaust and the Jewish narrative in general is suppressed.

I will give you a lot more evidence of how this narrative is driven in our world in the coming weeks, but I wanted to share this simple snippet with you. I have read David’s book. It is highly self-indulgent but very entertaining and a fast-moving romp. But more importantly, it shares his conclusions about Auschwitz and how he was hounded to the point of having a price on his head when he brought this forth.

Make no mistake; David’s story threatens one of the core pillars of the myths in our world, and he will not get any mainstream support in bringing forth his knowledge and the story of the threats made against him. David is a bizarre character, but he has a brilliant mind and a memory like a steel trap.

In the coming weeks I will share much more with you about how this deception has been perpetrated upon us and continues to be.

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