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#OpDeathEaters gains momentum in exposing global paedo-sadism

In early January, I mentioned the emergence of a Twitter group called #OpDeathEaters, which has in its sights the global paedo-sadism that reaches to the very highest levels in our world. This group has now spawned similar groups in many countries as it seeks to gather momentum and sufficient evidence to trigger action that cannot and will not be stopped by those in power, since the evidence is that all political structures globally, all major police forces, all judiciary and all major military organisations are now controlled by these horrific practices involving both forced homosexual acts in some cases but also child abuse and child sacrifice. Some of these control mechanisms were revealed in the video I shared with you recently, entitled “JFK to 911 Everything Is A Rich Man’s Trick”. Again, David Icke has been talking about this for years.

And finally their activities have been mentioned in the mainstream press, albeit with the spin that the U.K. Government seems to support such initiatives, when nothing could be further from the truth. Heather Marsh is the driver in this, and a driver she most certainly is. I feel she has the knowledge, intelligence, fearlessness and will to see this through, provided she stays alive.

One of hundreds of cases that they are reporting on is the recent legal case involving Prince Andrew claiming he had underaged sex with a woman provided by his “friend” Jeffrey Epstein. Another figure involved in the case is high profile Jewish lawyer, Alan Dershowitz, who has come out swinging, claiming his accuser is a serial liar and prostitute, and is threatening to have her children taken from her. It seems this is something Dershowitz has experience in, as revealed by the recently emerged story concerning his first wife, Sue Barlach, who was reportedly hospitalised after a beating at the hands of Alan, and who reportedly committed suicide soon after Alan took their two sons during divorce proceedings, preventing her from having further contact with them. It appears from this article that Alan worked very hard to bury any trace of his marriage to Sue, but the chickens do seem to be coming home to roost.

May Heather Marsh’s efforts finally expose the scale and scope of these practices, and how they are used to control our world.

There’s no you in srveillance

Another, wonderful post from the Open Whispersystems “Winter Break of Code”. This passionate, idealistic group of young techies, giving of their time to refine and extend a set of tools that provide free, secure phone calls and texting make my heart sing. It is all that the world of total surveillance, endless political lies, militarised police, paedo-sadism and endless war is not. May their efforts survive the attempts emerging in the U.K. to shut such services down. I quote:

The work that Open Whisper Systems was doing looked so refreshing when I first discovered the project. Freed from the constraints of legacy systems, their novel approach to solving challenging mobile security problems was very easy for me to admire. I decided that I wanted to become a lot more involved, and I felt very fortunate when that opportunity presented itself last March.

Since then, I have been writing content, handling emails, responding to questions at the Support Center, and doing whatever I can to be a thorn in the side of mass surveillance. This week I had the privilege of working with a wildly talented team of designers, videographers, writers, and UX experts on the website redesign. It’s looking absolutely fantastic so far, and that’s only one of many exciting things that happened.

It’s difficult to find new ways to describe the beauty of Hawaii. Suffice it to say, there’s nothing quite like swimming underneath a waterfall, staring up at a blue sky, and watching falling drops become a constellation of stars as you travel through time and space itself. Also, if you ever find yourself scuba diving for the first time and gasping with awe as your brain struggles to process the impossibility of your position, try an impromptu underwater dance party. Further experiments are necessary, but the early results are extremely promising.

When we can find a way to make applications that are accessible, well-designed, and highly secure (e.g. Flock, RedPhone, Signal, and TextSecure), the focus can shift to the numerous benefits provided by additional privacy protections instead of the drawbacks that are typically associated with making that choice (e.g. the entire PGP ecosystem).

A couple of weeks ago, a good friend of mine installed the new Signal beta on his iPhone that included TextSecure protocol support. He’s incredibly talented in so many ways, but he does not work in technology. I wanted to see what would happen, and hoped that a turning point had been reached. Without asking for any help, and without expressing any frustration, his first message quickly arrived:

“I think this is working.”

I think this is working too.

End of quote. May it be allowed to continue to work.

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