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“Your Aging Brain” – Dr Russell Blaylock – Essential knowledge for us all

I have shared presentations by Dr. Blaylock in the past. He was a neurosurgeon for some 24 years before becoming a champion of helping people to understand what processed food is doing to us, and how often lies and deceit have been used to get a food or an ingredient into the food chain. And if you think the food you are consuming is safe for you and your children – unless you are extremely careful – think again. Many things we are persuaded are safe for us to eat, simply are not.

If you haven’t understood that there is a detailed plan to poison us, watch this video. Watch it and make up your own mind.

I never ask you to believe anything I write about. I ask you to make up your own mind – but not dismiss what I share with you based upon your existing beliefs. Beliefs blind us all.

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