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Richie Allen interviews David Icke

This is an outstanding update on David Icke’s perspective on where our world is heading. It’s a view that I agree with, unless we change the progression in some manner. I encourage you to take the time to listen to this interview.

WikiLeaks demands answers after Google hands staff emails to US government

From a Guardian article:

Google took almost three years to disclose to the open information group WikiLeaks that it had handed over emails and other digital data belonging to three of its staffers to the US government, under a secret search warrant issued by a federal judge.

WikiLeaks has written to Google’s executive chairman, Eric Schmidt, to protest that the search giant only revealed the warrants last month, having been served them in March 2012. In the letter, WikiLeaks says it is “astonished and disturbed” that Google waited more than two and a half years to notify its subscribers, potentially depriving them of their ability to protect their rights to “privacy, association and freedom from illegal searches”.

Affidavit of Virginia Roberts

Here is the affidavit submitted by Virginia Roberts in relation to her alleged grooming and underaged sexual activities with Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell, Alan Dershowitz, Prince Andrew of Great Britain and others. In my view, this is the end of a very long thread. Time will tell where it leads.

Not all Jews support the state of Israel

Let me say as I post this is that I do not, for one moment, claim to be knowledgeable on the complexity of Judaism.

However, I find this reportedly 10,000 strong New York protest of Orthodox Jews against the state of Israel and the Zionist interests it represents to be very interesting. To my knowledge, this protest was not covered in the mainstream media, perhaps unsurprisingly.

And when I place it beside this video I have previously shared with former Iranian President Ahmadinejad meeting with Orthodox Jewish leaders in New York, it is not difficult to see that we are given a distorted picture of the reasons and mandate for Israel. It contains an excellent discussion of the distinction between Judaism and Zionism, as viewed by an Orthodox Jew. Israel, of course, seeks the destruction of Iran, yet a sizeable Jewish population resides peacefully in Iran.

Also, this brief interview by Ahmadinejad with Larry King (King is Jewish, changing his name from Lawrence Harvey Zeiger) bears on the conversation.

Again, I do not claim to understand this; however, one distinction seems to be that the Orthodox Jews follow the teachings of the Torah, whilst the Zionists seem more to follow the Talmud, which some claim contains elements supporting the exploitation and domination of non-Jews, or goyim as they are wont to describe them. I would appreciate input on this from any of my Jewish readers, of which there are a number. I am interested in this because it seems to me that it bears far more directly on the workings of our world than most yet recognise, as is indicated by this article.

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