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Paris Charlie: The “Shock Doctrine” par Excellence

On 12 January the French Parliament approved with almost unanimity – with one abstention only – the budget for France’s continuous and enlarged involvement in the new war on Iraq, a new war engagement led by Washington and supported by its vassals, UK, Canada, Australia and France. Aircraft carriers and troops were immediately mobilized, not even losing a day. Doesn’t that conspicuously smell of an earlier preparation, just waiting for that crucial and appropriate event, prompting parliamentary approval?

An excellent article that you can read here.

Media: the most shocking interview that “never happened”

This article by Jon Rappoport shares the story of a 1978 interview in which two members of the Trilateral Commission openly spoke of the control of the economic and political policies of the United States, Europe, U.K. and Japan and likely others, an interview that was just left to die. And Trilateral Commission members were key cabinet members for Jimmy Carter and the practice continues today.

But as I will share with you in the coming days, the control and direction of the US Government has been under complete external control since at least 1913 and, in ways, the US has always been the toy of those who truly own the game in this world, in a manner kept carefully out of the eye of the public.

Russia Cuts Off Gas Supplies to Europe & Dumps The U.S. Dollar

This videos says Russia has turned off gas supplies to Europe through Ukraine effective immediately, plunging several European countries into an immediate heating crisis in the middle of winter. The announcement says Russia sees the manoeuvring of the EU and United States as the first steps to WWIII.

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