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Buk Manufacturer Test Exposes Dutch MH17 Terror Cover Up

I trust you weren’t expecting the Dutch report on MH17 to be honest and accurate. If you were, you haven’t yet understood much about the world in which you live.

BUK manufacturer says Russian-made air defenses ‘absolutely’ not involved in MH17 crash…

…The experiments were carried out on July 31 and October 7 with the help of 9N314M BUK missile warheads, which are currently deployed by the Russian military. The results of the tests “decisively indicate” that an explosion from such a missile leaves a distinctive “butterfly-shaped” puncture holes due to the shape of the shrapnel, Almaz-Antey, the manufacturer of Buk air defense missile complexes, said.

“The Boeing 777, which carried out the flight, did not have a single hole like this and as a consequence, this absolutely excludes the possibility of a missile with double T-shaped shrapnel being used to strike this aircraft,” Almaz-Antey stressed in a statement on Wednesday, following the final report of the Dutch Safety Board that looked into the causes of the crash.

End of quote.

It’s the way of things. Don’t expect the truth from these analyses – 9/11, JFK, MH17, 9/11, 7/7, Sandy Hook, Charlie Hebdo, the Holocaust… Endless fiction.

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