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Is the Pentagon controlled by a global drug cartel?

I find this article by Preston James refreshing:

Over the years some who have retired from working inside the upper levels of Intel and Defense have claimed that the core controllers of the Pentagon are themselves under the control of a secret occult-linked drug trafficking group.

This group is also believed to run the Israeli-American Terror machine and the private central Banking Systems run out of the City of London.

This group controls most of the World’s political systems through private Fiat central banking while waging wars to extend power and generate massive profits not otherwise possible.

But there have also been claims that this powerful group of “World Money-changers” originally gained much of its foreign power from creating and maintaining a large international opium trafficking network or cartel hidden behind a City of London Proprietary Intel operation.

Some historians believe that this large Opium trafficking group operated through a proprietary Intel front known as the British East India Company.

Anyone who wants more information about the World’s largest opium Trafficking Cartel should get a hold of the well-respected classic, Dope Inc. and read it. Many secrets are contained in this book which some claimed sent Henry Kissinger into a tizzy fit.

End of quote.

There is abundant evidence that this is so. Or, more accurately, there is abundant evidence that those who’ve controlled the US for well over a century also own the global drug business. Perhaps the most revealing treatise I have read on this is contained in John Coleman’s book “The Conspirator’s Hierarchy: The Committee of 300”. The cultivation of Opium in India, after its refinement through selective breeding in the Kew Gardens in England for supply into China, is not hard to verify, along with their diversification into cocaine.

Similarly, the explosion in heroin production from Afghanistan since the American-led war there and a similar story in SE Asia during the Vietnam war are easy to verify and it’s no surprise that the US is extending its stay there. They have to protect the income stream of their masters.

So, ultimately the Pentagon has been under the control of these people since its inception.

Liberal senator Bill Heffernan says former Australian prime minister a suspected paedophile

Will the paedo-sadistic control system of our world leak out via Australia?

Senator Bill Heffernan says a police document names a former Australian Prime Minister. But:

Senator Heffernan had shown the documents to the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse but was told they were not part of its terms of reference.

So, I think it will quietly disappear. Those who set up these Commissions, etc. know how to set up the terms of reference so that nothing of the real truth of things will be exposed. It’s just like the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) only being chartered to consider human effects on global warming. How many people know this when they consider their results? They are chartered to ignore the impact of the sun…

So, Bill Heffernan’s statement will likely be the end of the matter, and those like Fiona Barnett, who was one of those allegedly abused in Australia by the political and other “elite” of Australia and the United States, will continue to be hounded and never see justice – whatever that is.

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