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The Ultimate Exposure of Pedophile Rings in London, Hollywood, and More

Whilst little of this material is new, this article is one of the more comprehensive efforts to bring together the overwhelming evidence of paedophilia and child sacrifice being utilised at the highest levels of power and control in our world. I have looked into most if not all of the examples quoted in this article and I am satisfied of their veracity.

There is a hidden, satanic control system in our world that is above the law, and anyone who succumbs is protected. And those who gain power or control or wealth and refuse to participate are, from what I see,  disposed of.

For example, although I cannot prove it, I suspect Steve Jobs was killed off because of his refusal to participate, unlike his “colleague”, Bill Gates. Jobs would never be party to such activities. And I would add Aaron Russo, and there are many others. Cancer has been a tool of assassination since the early 60’s, when it was perfected to go after Fidel Castro. And the phenomenon of the “Washington heart attack” is well known.

From the article:

For years it’s been rumored that the globalist elite are involved in some pretty strange practices, from mock sacrificing a baby at Bohemian Grove to the testimony that a child was actually murdered in a Bohemian Grove ritual. The testimony and evidence in this article prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the allegations of Bohemian Grove are just the tip of the iceberg.

End of quote.

However, it’s still missing some key sources, in my opinion. It is extraordinary to me (perhaps it shouldn’t be) that the abundant evidence of these practices in America and elsewhere documented by Cathy O’Brien in her book “Trance Formation of America” 20 or more years ago, who was a Presidential level mind control slave during the Reagan and Bush administrations, and rescued and supported in her healing by her husband Mark Phillips, continues to be ignored. Cathy provides anatomical details of some of her abusers that would, it seems to me, be sufficient to convict the perpetrators. But, as we have just witnessed with Hillary Clinton, the participants in these practices are protected. Cathy documents how she first met Gerald Ford as a child when he was the local mafia porno pimp.

Ditto the extraordinary testimony of Toos Nijenhuis.

Nevertheless, the article demonstrates how widespread these practices are, including religions, and it is a good overview for those who want to begin to grasp the comprehensiveness of it.


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