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I have come to accept that most people believe global warming is due to man-made pollution. I used to be one of them. I bought Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth” hook, line and sinker when it first came out. If you are one who still does, invest 8 minutes in watching information you’ll NEVER see in the mainstream media. Beliefs are powerful things. Many die for them every day. Unfortunately, most of us do not consciously analyse the facts to decide what we believe. It is done for us, yet few are aware of how this has been done.

For example, most people believe airplanes flew through the walls of the WTC buildings on 9/11 and the resultant jet fuel fire caused the steel beams to melt and the buildings to fall down. But when you ask someone what would happen to an aluminium can if you smashed it against a reinforced concrete wall, they immediately tell you it would be flattened. Then when you tell them a plane is also made of aluminium and the same thing would happen to it, a moment of shock registers. Then when I tell them that the jet fuel fire (estimated to likely be 750-800C in those circumstances) could not sufficiently weaken the structural steel beams to have the building fall down and certainly not enough to melt the steel (above 1300C) as was told to us all by a “random” commentator on the street that day, they begin to get very uncomfortable and usually reject what I’m saying, even though it is true.

Most of us reject information that does not fit with our beliefs. It’s how we protect our sense of what is true; our sanity. And those who create our beliefs rely on this every day as they create and reinforce those beliefs through the media, knowing that most will never do the work to check the facts for themselves. That scenario, too, is created.

And if Ben’s little vignette above begins to make you question your beliefs on man-made global warming, I encourage you to watch this longer, more comprehensive presentation by him. And if you think those who oppose the well sold meme about man-made global warming are advocating that we should therefore ignore what humanity is doing to the planet, know that this is, for most people, a complete lie and part of how the opposition to the man-made global warming story is discredited; how discrediting of that opposition has been weaponised.

Words, phrases and ideas can be and are weaponised. A classic is the term “conspiracy theory”. It was weaponised by the CIA in the early 60’s to discredit opposition to the conclusions of the Warren Commission on the death of JFK and now has wide use for exactly this discrediting purpose. Calling something a conspiracy theory today is still enough to discredit it. Nothing else is needed but those words.

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