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CEO Who Resisted NSA Spying Out Of Prison, Vindicated By Snowden Leaks

Just one major telecommunications company refused to participate in a legally dubious NSA surveillance program in 2001. A few years later, its CEO was indicted by federal prosecutors. He was convicted, served four and a half years of his sentence and was released this month. Prosecutors claim Qwest CEO Joseph Nacchio was guilty of insider trading, and that his prosecution had nothing to do with his refusal to allow spying on his customers without the permission of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court. But to this day, Nacchio insists that his prosecution was retaliation for refusing to break the law on the NSA’s behalf.

After his release from custody Sept. 20, Nacchio told the Wall Street Journal that he feels “vindicated” by the content of the leaks that show that the agency was collecting American’s phone records…

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Dying Black Panther Herman Wallace freed after 40 years in solitary confinement

Anyone have faith in the American judicial system?  

Especially in the South.  

Absolutely disgusting. Here’s a little of Herman Wallace’s story. In a country with the world’s highest incarceration rate, Louisiana is the US state with the highest. Anyone guess what the most common skin colour is? The US private prison system is simply a modern form of slavery. 

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NSA at work: Do you have a secret “social profile?”

There’s a good chance you do. 

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There is No Law Requiring US Citizens to Pay Income Tax

Thank you, Hedy. 

Most Americans do not know that there is no obligation for individuals to pay Federal income tax in the United States. Period.

This video presents this very succinctly. The proposed legislation did not receive the approval of sufficient states at the time it put forward – but that hasn’t stopped them… 

It’s interesting that I mentioned Aaron Russo earlier today, as Aaron made a movie called America: Freedom to Fascism, which discusses this in great detail. I commend it to you. 

Perhaps this will prompt me to set aside the time to write some things about the financial system that are rattling around inside my head – along with the piece on Darwinism I threatened a couple of weeks ago. 

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N.S.A. Gathers Data on Social Connections of U.S. Citizens

Thank you, Molly. 

This N.Y. Times article explains how the NSA and no doubt related organisations are building profiles on everyone. It’s focus is the United States, but let’s not be naïve and think it is limited in this manner. 

And let’s not get lulled back to sleep around this. Remember that this entire abusive process was justified off the back of a domestically created false flag attack called 9/11, and let’s recognise that this whole terror scenario was created for the purpose of just such activities, amongst many others. If you haven’t watched this interview with Aaron Russo just before his death from cancer in 2007, I commend it to you. Amongst many other things, Aaron shares how Nicholas Rockefeller foretold of the ridiculous chase through caves looking for Bin Laden – before 9/11 happened. 

Russo was a brave, brave man. I wonder what caused him to get cancer? 

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3-Year-Old Gets Medical Marijuana Over Chemo As Cancer Treatment

Fancy that!!! A natural alternative to the abusive regime of chemotherapy – a regime that makes a fortune for everyone in the loop, it seems. Mind you, there is a long history of those bringing  forth a simple, working alternative to the abusive cancer-treating regimes either being discredited or murdered – the usual routine by those running the game.  

Here is another that does seem to be surviving – perhaps because he’s not in an English-speaking country, so he’s not taken too seriously… Here’s a video where Dr Simoncini discusses his work. 

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