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Thank you, Graham.

From: Graham Hancock
Sent: Wednesday, 16 October 2013 01:05

Researching the sequel to “Fingerprints of the Gods” I returned last week to Tiahuanaco in Bolivia for the first time in 16 years. The site stands 3,870 metres (12,696 feet) above sea level and I continue to be stunned and amazed by the gigantic megalithic blocks that lie scattered around here as though in the aftermath of some terrible cataclysm. Archaeologists say there is no mystery but I cannot agree with them. Neither the true antiquity of Tiahuanaco, nor the identity of its builders, nor the methods of construction they used, nor their purposes, have yet been satisfactorily established in my opinion. Photo by Santha Faiia shows the superhuman scale of the cyclopean stonework of this majestic and mysterious place.


Murdering 9/11 truth

One of the responses I have heard, including some on this list, regarding 9/11 is “If this was an inside job, how come nobody has come forth to reveal it?”

 Well, apart from the complicity of the press, this story, which includes suppression of the RT video I shared with you a few weeks ago called The Truthseeker: 9/11 & Operation Gladio (E23), explains in part how this has been suppressed. I quote:

 During a recent Truth Jihad Radio interview, Woodworth cited evidence that Google and Youtube search engines are being manipulated to prevent 9/11 truth videos from going viral. Last month, on the 12th anniversary of 9/11, the Russia Today “Truth Seeker” video “Operation Gladio and 9/11” had garnered nearly a quarter of a million hits and was about to explode into the millions – when it suddenly disappeared from all Google and Youtube rankings and search engines, and became impossible to find using normal search techniques. By effectively erasing “Operation Gladio and 9/11” from the mass Internet, nameless forces stopped the viral spread of one of the most powerfully incendiary videos of our time.

Unfortunately, such “Internet jamming” is not limited to search-engine manipulation. According to Woodworth, countless individuals’ emails have also been censored to prevent dissemination of the youtube video “Operation Gladio and 9/11.” Last month, Woodworth and others, including information technology professionals, were shocked to discover that when they tried to send emails that included the URL for “Operation Gladio and 9/11,” those emails would simply disappear – never reaching the addressee, nor bouncing back as undeliverable. “There is no benign explanation for this,” one IT professional told Woodworth.

Before sending this email, I checked this search engine issue, and whilst reloads of the video show up in Google and YouTube, the original video does not. The video has not been removed, just from the search engines.

More importantly, the article lists some of the people that have died.


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