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Gmail extension aims to drown NSA in nonsense

Now this approach appeals to me.

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How Syria Unlocked America’s Dark Closet

This is a powerful, well-informed story which begins in the chemical weapons attacks in Syria and ends in the advanced bio-warfare plans of the United States:

We are seeing America’s hand but not seeing any known American policy behind it.  Past the poorly conceived cover stories, we find programs massive in scale, programs capable of reducing continents, obliterating entire races, of devastating species.

This takes me right back to those Georgia GuidestonesMaintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature

And the other 6.5BN people?

Once more, with its focus on the Zionist and American hands in this, it continues to miss the head and heart of this abomination on our planet. It is time to share it with you – possibly later today (Aussie time).

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