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How You Can Stop the TPP: Say NO to Fast Track

An excellent interview on TPP. For me, it brings the true vehicles of the cabal directly into setting up their game, and setting up a legal framework outside of any country’s laws. 

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The Trans-Pacific Partnership: We Won’t be Fooled by Rigged Corporate Trade Agreements

I have mentioned this deal before. This article essentially refreshes the issues. 

Remember, if it’s called a free trade agreement, you can bet your boots that is the last thing it will be. 

All of these steps need to be viewed through the lens of those seeking to control everyone and everything for their own benefit. The centralisation of assets, wealth and income in the hands of the few that has become the reality of the last 30 or so years is no accident. So many local producers in so many countries, whether they be primary producers or manufacturers have been decimated by these processes. 

And, in my view, it will take a tectonic shift in human understanding to put an end to these processes. Yes, humanity has woken up to some of these steps in the past, but then they go back to sleep, and those who plan in hundreds and thousands of years, quietly move forward once more. 

Speaking of being asleep, in my view one of the best examples of sleight of hand is the notion that America is the “land of the free”. Children have been brought up for generations to believe this. And whilst they believe it, they are blinded to the complete destruction of their freedoms that has been undertaken, particularly in the last 100 years or so. Most are oblivious to the fact that the US has the highest rate of incarceration in the world. In the land of the free… 

In writing this, I am reminded that this year is the centenary of the 100-year appointment of the US Federal Reserve as the issuer of US currency – that private bank posing as part of the US Government. I wonder who will negotiate its renewal or replacement? Both Lincoln and JFK demonstrated that attempting to issue the country’s own money was not good for their health, so I doubt Obama has any plans to take on the bankers in the current circumstances.  

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The Rosa Parks of Internet Freedom, Lavabit Founder Ladar Levinson

Let us not forget the stand of this brave man, Ladar Levinson, against the privacy abuses of the US Government. And because of the National Security Act (put in place in 1947 – it’s been hiding Government abuse for THAT LONG) and now the even more draconian Patriot Act, the Government’s abuse is hidden from public scrutiny. 

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