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Hundreds of US farmers sue Syngenta over GMO corn

Corn growers in the U.S. lost an upwards of $3 billion in revenue last year after the Chinese boycotted shipments of American corn following the discovery of a genetically modified seed that had not yet been approved in the country.
Agrisure Viptera, a seed genetically altered to contain a protein that kills corn-eating bugs such as earworms and cutworms, had not been approved by China in November 2013 when it was found in several U.S. corn shipments.
China routinely refuses to approve genetically modified seeds before their own testing is complete.
The discovery prompted China to begin rejecting U.S. corn shipments a few months later, resulting in more than 131 million bushels being turned away by one America’s most important trade partners.
American farmers took the biggest hit, with the National Grain and Feed Association, a trade group, reporting revenue losses at between $1 billion and $3 billion, according to a report by The Des Moines Register.

End of quote.

I doubt this means the GMO story is unravelling, but it does complement the video I shared with you earlier today, in which it is shown that these companies do not have their GMO products nicely kept inside the boundaries of the farms that grow them. 1,000km, I believe, was the distance that GMO contamination was found from the nearest official farming site.

Scientists under Attack – Genetic Engineering in the magnetic Field of Money

Thank you, Sean.

The ongoing threat of GMO to human health, despite the best efforts of the GMO producers to hide it is, at best, unknown but the growing evidence to the contrary is very clear-cut. And those scientists who oppose its proliferation are being silenced. This widespread practice is not just limited to GMO; however, it is good to have an example documented as this one has been in the video Scientists under Attack – Genetic Engineering in the magnetic Field of Money.

The Relationship between Washington and ISIL: The Evidence

Today seems to be the day for the links between the United States and ISIL to be pointed out by several different players.

This article spells out some other perspectives on this. And there is no doubting these connections.

DAVID ICKE – The Goal of the ISIL Psyops is WW3 & then a NWO

Although this interview with David Icke is a few months old and hence some of the comments on current events are a little dated, it provides an excellent perspective on the bigger picture in play with ISIL and the overall plan outlined by Albert Pike in 1871.

I see nothing that is essentially inconsistent with this plan.

Background to the Psyop that started ISIL, and to the Fed’s controllers who run the world

James Corbett briefly runs through the background and processes leading up to the creation of ISIL. Did anyone guess it was American? 10 points if you did.

But remember, the US machine, despite what the mainstream media would have you believe, has been under complete control of its Zionist banking masters since at least 1913 when the Federal Reserve was set up, including its regional structure, primarily under the direction of one Paul Warburg, who no doubt had the best interests of Americans at heart…

It has been argued to me that there is no central control, since the Federal Reserve System consists of 12 regional banks with their own board of directors. I think the quotations from Warburg in the above link put that notion to bed. I quote from that article:

Mr. Warburg, it will be remembered, wanted only one central bank. But, because of political considerations, as Professor Seligman tells us, twelve were decided upon. An examination of Mr. Warburg’s printed discussions of the subject shows that he at one time considered four, then eight. Eventually, twelve were established. The reason was that one central bank, which naturally would be set up in New York, would give a suspicious country the impression that it was only a new scheme to keep the nation’s money flowing to New York. As shown by Professor Seligman, quoted in the last number, Mr. Warburg was not averse to granting anything that would allay popular suspicion without vitiating the real plan.

So, while admitting to the Senators who examined him as to his fitness for membership on the Federal Reserve Board—the Board which fixed the policies of the banks of the Federal Reserve System and told them what to do—that he did not like the 12 district banks idea, he said that his objections to it could “be overcome in an administrative way.” That is, the 12 banks could be so handled that the effect would be the same as if there were only one central bank, presumably in New York.

And that is about the way it has resulted, and that will be found to be one of the reasons for the present situation of the country.

There is no lack of money in New York today (1920). Motion picture ventures are being financed into the millions. A big grain selling pool, nursed into existence and counseled by Bernard M. Baruch, has no hesitancy whatever in planning for a $100,000,000 corporation. Loew, the Jewish theatrical man, had no difficulty in opening 20 new theaters this year—

But go into the agricultural states, where the real wealth of the country is in the ground and in the granaries, and you cannot find money for the farmer.

It is a situation which none can deny and which few can explain, because the explanation is not to be found along natural lines. Natural conditions are always easiest to explain. Unnatural conditions wear an air of mystery. Here is the United States, the richest country in the world, containing at the present hour the greatest bulk of wealth to be found anywhere on earth—real, ready, available, usable wealth; and yet it is tied up tight, and cannot move in its legitimate channels, because of manipulation which is going on as regards money.

Money is the last mystery for the popular mind to penetrate, and when it succeeds in getting “on the inside” it will discover that the mystery is not in money at all, but in its manipulation, the things which are done “in an administrative way.”

End of quote.

So, the regional banking structure was a political compromise, but which Warburg recognised could be readily addressed “in an administrative way.”

And my previous article on the control of the US supply machine by Bernard Baruch during WWI illustrates how complete that control was, as early as WWI.

Until we understand these things and whose agenda ISIL serves, we can NEVER make any sense of our world.

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