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Homeopathy no more effective than placebos, a study by the National Health and Medical Research Council finds

The allopathic medical establishment in Australia must be breathing a sigh of relief. The NHMRC has concluded that homeopathy is a bunch of nonsense. Actually, they most likely don’t really care because they don’t even reflect on the context in which they operate and they know unconsciously that it dominates all other forms. It HAS to be correct.

They don’t understand that allopathic medicine is essentially the creation of John D Rockefeller about 100 years ago to sell oil-derived products that became today’s pharmaceutical industry, as so eloquently described by Dr Rima Laibow.

But there’s an unspoken question: How did humanity heal themselves before this? If we look at history, it tells us about barbaric, often highly superstitious European practices that did little to heal. But what of the extraordinary knowledge of healing practices and the use of plant-based solutions amongst cultures more connected to their surroundings? Chinese medicine is perhaps the best known body of this knowledge, but it’s everywhere.

I want to be clear that I’m not referring to modern surgical practice, which clearly is so more effective and refined than 100 years ago; though if you look at the relics of the ancients such as those of South America, you find powerful evidence that humanity has practised advanced surgical methods in the distant past.

Homeopathy, however, has its own story to tell, and this includes its own hospitals. For example, in my home town of Melbourne, Australia, Prince Henry’s Hospital was established as a homeopathic hospital. Now, are we to believe that homeopathic practitioners and their supporters were setting up hospitals when their techniques were not yielding results? I certainly do not.

And there are many powerful and effective healing modalities that I have experienced as being effective outside of the allopathic medical world. A powerful example is the extraordinary work of the man who calls himself John of God (I have not experienced his work first hand). Another is known as NAET, a powerful practice which deals with allergies very, very effectively; a practice and its outcomes I have witnessed first-hand. And I have witnessed amazing healing outcomes in my own work, outcomes I do not claim responsibility for, but have nevertheless occurred. For example, a woman had unrelenting and very debilitating pain in her ankle after two rounds of surgery. This pain simply disappeared as we worked together and it has not returned. It’s not reproducible nor a scientifically verifiable practice, but that woman lives with that unexpected relief every day. I simply share this example because the true nature of healing is very different from what we have been taught.

And looking to the NHMRC for a view on non-allopathic medical solutions is like asking the fox to guard the chicken coop. The outcomes and conclusions are predictable; but most people don’t consider the context of a conclusion, including a so-called scientific one. We’ve been well trained to ignore such things yet they are crucial to our finding the truth of things. Or perhaps more powerfully, we have been trained to treat the allopathic medical establishment, which the NHMRC represents, as God.

No surprises here. It’s good for business. Big Pharma business. If you’re over 65 and you don’t take several prescription drugs each day, you are very unusual.

Raul Hilberg perjured himself at the ’85 trial of Ernst Zundel

David Cole is not your average Holocaust revisionist. He’s Jewish and he’s been to hell and back for revealing some 20 years ago that there were no gas chambers at Auschwitz.

It is David’s combination of an extraordinary memory and an astonishing attention to detail that led to this exposure, as night follows day, and led him to this recent exposure:

Despite his writings to the contrary, Emeritus Professor Raul Hilberg knew from 1976 that there was no clear evidence implicating Hitler in the so-called final solution for European Jews, if any such thing actually existed.

But the admission was edited out of the PBS programme in which Hilberg revealed this.

I quote from David’s article:

Here’s Hilberg, in 1988, speaking of a conversation he had with German war crimes prosecutors in 1976. In-between ’76 and ’88, Hilberg testified against Canadian Holocaust denier Ernst Zundel, who was on trial under Canada’s “false news” law. Let’s be clear—Hilberg was helping the Canadian government put Zundel in prison simply for publishing a pamphlet. And on the stand, Hilberg steadfastly maintained that there was at least one, maybe two, direct orders from Hitler to initiate the “Final Solution.”

We know from Hilberg’s censored PBS comments that as early as 1976 he was very aware of the lack of any direct evidence implicating Hitler, yet on the stand in Toronto in 1985, he didn’t mention what he told the West German prosecutors in ’76 —his fear that he “went into print with something that isn’t entirely accurate” regarding Hitler’s role. Hilberg was asked by Zundel’s attorney a multitude of questions directly pertaining to the accuracy of Hilberg’s book, and the claims he made in it regarding Hitler’s involvement in the Holocaust. Under oath, he defended his “not entirely accurate” material as being completely accurate.

Hilberg perjured himself.

End of quote.

And David, in his meticulousness, has a copy of the original recording and shares the removed segment of the interview with us.

You might consider all of this as water under the bridge, but the truth is, we all – not just Ernst Zundel – live today with the consequences of the lies we have been told about the Holocaust. This lie has both precedents and antecedents, some of which I have shared and more I will do so in the coming days and weeks.

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