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Mehran Keshe moves forward once more

I have shared aspects of the journey of Mehran Keshe with you over the last couple of years as I see the potential of his technology to be potentially truly life-changing for everyone on Earth.

Keshe’s insights have transformed our understanding of how matter and energy work and, as a result, have opened the door to unlimited energy from the background energy field, travel at speeds beyond the speed of light, gravity-free craft and much more that we can’t imagine. Unlimited water. Unlimited food. Unlimited any material – gold or anything else you might want.

Keshe’s technology has been demonstrated by the capture of two American drones by Iran, a highly advanced CIA drone at the end of 2011 unharmed and a more pedestrian one a year later.

But TPTB have set out to destroy him. He fled Belgium with his family after they first tried to steal his technology and then tried to kill him. He moved to Italy where further attempts were made on his life and that of his wife. Then they deemed that, because his technology was nuclear in nature (it utilised a form of cold fusion), it was subject to government control. So he started again a year ago to develop it on a different basis.

Of course those who run our world want him dead. He threatens so much of what they control – energy, food, increasingly water, gold, etc.

But somewhat miraculously, he’s still alive and beginning to move forward once more. Here is his new introductory video. May he be protected and succeed.

Cybernetic warfare exists and is being used against us

In this interview, Robert Duncan introduces Cybernetic warfare technology and the plans to control the entire global population through its application.

You think the CIA’s physical torture programmes are horrific? Watch this video.

Are smart electricity meters part of their infrastructure for this? I can’t say but I do wonder about it.

As I’ve said before, I don’t believe these goons can be stopped in this consciousness. Their reach and the complexity of that reach is far too great. It’s over 100 years since they gained complete control of the world’s wealth and its money supply. We can’t imagine how far they’ve gone since, and meanwhile most of us are focussed on surviving day to day, and are distracted by TV or whatever sport we follow, with most people looking to the evening news for their snapshot of what’s happening in the world, like well programmed robots.

Without some major shift, the future looks very bleak to me. Very bleak for life as we know it.

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