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An informed perspective on climate change – and more

Ben Davidson is, in my view, one of the brightest young minds that have come to the subject of our weather and its influences. The ground he covers is truly extraordinary, and he shares all of his sources. I watch his 4-5 minute solar and terrestrial weather update most mornings. Ben has just released a video which discusses climate change and brings the facts to the global warming “debate”. I qualify the word debate because, for the most part, what we are told is a human blame and shame exercise to justify the secretive rollout of Agenda 21, a UN-driven (read global elite) program to transform life on Earth – for the worse for most of us. Ben confirms the 17-18 year global warming pause we have experienced, the latest views on modelling our climate, which have been horrendously bad until very, very recently, he refreshes the data on solar system-wide change, which in some cases completely overwhelms the changes on Earth and much, much more.

I commend Ben’s 20 minute video to you, regardless of your views on the subject of climate change. As always, he brings information to the conversation that you will simply not find anywhere else, expressed with a clarity and directness few can muster, and he gives you the links to check it all out for yourself. Thanks, Ben.

#opdeatheaters – The Satanic connections of the Jimmy Savile sexual abuse are emerging

Gradually we are seeing the threads of the satanic connections of Jimmy Savile’s abusive practices emerging.

The BBC star dressed in black robes during the rituals which allegedly took place in the basement of Stoke Mandeville hospital, in 1975.

Five years later, the Jim’ll Fix It star supposedly took part in more satanic abuse at a plush London residence. A 21-year-old was reportedly forced to take part in an orgy in a room decked out with satanic symbols.

Disgraced Savile hid his face with a mask during the abuse, but was identified by the 12-year-old victim in the Stoke Mandeville case. She spotted his distinctive white hair sprouting from beneath the garments and recognised his voice.

She told therapist Valerie Sinason she was molested, raped and beaten during the twisted ceremony by Savile, who chanted “Ave Satanas” with other devil worshippers in the dark, candle-lit room.

We are still only seeing the tip of the iceberg, and people will be killed to keep this paedo-satanic global control system hidden. But is beginning to dribble out, and the connections of Savile to senior British politicians and so-called royalty are well known. May it prove to be the thread that unravels this horrific, hidden world. This, alongside money and threats to family, are the threads of this control system which ensnares all politicians of any authority (perhaps all) and major business, judicial and police officials. The evidence is all over the place if you look.

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