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Jim Fetzer discusses Jade Helm 15, 9/11 and Boston Marathon bombing

This is a must listen interview with Emeritus Professor James Fetzer on these and other false flag events and the coming Jade Helm exercise, which looks to be a structure within which to impose martial law in the United States. Jim has done the hard yards to fully understand and document core false flag events in America, going back to the JFK assassination. If you are one of those who doubt that these are false flag events, take the time to listen to Jim speaking with Richie Allen.

It is one thing to disagree, it is another to disagree based upon a preferred belief system that those in “authority” would do such things. Jim does not shoot from the hip. He does his homework and he shares it widely. And if you have woken up to what’s going on, this interview is a great way to come up to speed with Jim’s latest research and publications.

Jade Helm 15 may bring Martial Law to America

Well, well, well. A sh*@$ storm has erupted at Veterans Today. Gordon Duff has bagged the notion that Jade Helm 15 is a serious military exercise in the United States and also made similar comments on another article by Robert O’Dowd saying Jade Helm 15 was for real, leading to O’Dowd resigning as a contributor to Veterans Today. Not only that, when Jim Fetzer posted an article on Veterans Today saying he believed Jade Helm 15 was a real exercise, Duff took down his article, according to Fetzer. Now, this is extraordinary since Fetzer is a regular VT contributor and VT has a policy of posting pretty much anything anyone wants to write. So, pulling Jim’s article set off Jim’s alarm bells – and mine.

You can read Fetzer’s views here. He includes the statement “JADE HELM is not a “training op” but something far more serious.”

Jim also notes there is a similar project underway in Canada called Maple Resolve, which seems to be linked to Jade Helm 15. Jim also prefaced the discussion on Stew Webb’s radio show on Jade Helm on at 8pm EST on April 23rd. It is live as I write this and should be in the archives shortly. Besides Jim, the participants include Major General (Retired) Albert Stubblebine III and Dr. Rima Laibow, who believe this Jade Helm project is for real.

Here are some other perspectives on Jade Helm:

The videos shown here illustrate the military build-up in California.

This video shares footage of a Jade Helm briefing. It is clearly for real.

I also find this video to be quite fascinating in its analysis.

Here is a discussion on the Jade Helm logo.

There is a history of military or police exercises being underway when a false flag event occurs. It occurred at 9/11, the Boston Marathon Bombing and the Sandy Hook school massacre hoax. Jim believes whatever is planned is likely to go live during this exercise, and in his view, the exercise is already underway.

So what is planned? In my view, the scale of it will dwarf 9/11 and I cannot ignore the video posted by Rebekah Roth that I mentioned yesterday, entitled Could This Be the Next False Flag Attack? . I quoted the following from her video: Israeli intelligence has intercepted details of an Al Qaeda plan to strike 5 or 6 major cities throughout the United States. These will begin on May 2nd and last for 9 days until May 11th. It will mark the anniversary of the United States false flag Osama bin Laden SEAL team death.

Roth also said that the item said the weapons that would be used would include biological, chemical and nuclear weaponry.

Will it be this? Given where Rebekah found this reference and its sudden and complete disappearance from the Internet, I suggest we should be open to the possibility that the events in this message will unfold from May 2nd to May 11th. I cannot say for sure, but Rebekah explained in her video and perhaps her book why she believes it could be this year. She says it is a “jubilee year” and the key year in the 7-year cycle of the Jewish Shemitah. When I looked for information on the Shemitah, this extraordinary article showed up. This seven year cycle, going backwards is 2008 (the global financial crisis), 2001 (9/11) and on it goes, back through the last century. I was shocked to see this hidden pattern. I commend the article to you. It does point more to September than May, but who knows what else is in play? When you see this pattern, do you STILL want to argue our world is not controlled by the Zionist bankers?

Be warned and be prepared. I cannot say this will happen, but the pieces have come together in front of me, as they have a habit of doing. And if it is the planned trigger for Jade Helm’s implementation of martial law and we stop this in its tracks by exposing it, until and unless we expose those behind these plans, they will simply keep trying until they get it done.

Rima E. Laibow: “Vaccines Are A Complete Fraud. Don’t Poison Your Child!”

The Dr. Rima Truth Reports is proud to announce a May Day Vaccine Truth Radio Marathon

Friday May 1 from 3-11 PM Eastern at

It will also be lived streamed on American Freedom Radio,, thanks to Danny Romero.

We are hoping for as many other streams carrying this around the world as possible.

We have confirmed so far guests Veira Scheibner, PhD (Australia), Micahel Innes, MD (Australia), Vinny Eastwood (New Zealand), Sherrie Tenpenny, DO (US), Freda Burrell (Scotland), Norma Eriksoon (US) and quite a number of others.

Following the event, we will be producing an ebook with the entire bibliography, articles and audio files BUT we need as many people as possible to listen.

The data is enormously important and I know that you know that this is, quite literally, a battle for our lives.

So if you can get this out there as widely as possible, I would be deeply grateful.

Thanks so much,

Dr. Rima

Rima E. Laibow, MD

Medical Director

Natural Solutions Foundation



Dr. Rima Truth Reports Every Weekday 5 PM – 7 PM Eastern

Rebekah Roth’s “Methodical Illusion” exposes more 9/11 secrets and perhaps another such event in the United States

In her recent book “Methodical Illusion”, Rebekah Roth reveals more hidden threads around the 9/11 false flag events. Rebekah worked as an airline cabin staffer for many years and was encouraged by many to write a book about her experiences. But a strange thing happened. She discovered as she was searching for names for her book that many of the 9/11 so-called hijackers were still alive, several of whom, bizarrely, were Saudi airline pilots. So, she began to look, and she discovered many previously hidden pieces of evidence, looking from her airline trained and informed perspective, that others appear to have missed.

You can find a recent interview by Richie Allen here, and a written review by Kevin Barrett. I find her perspective very interesting and informative.

However, what particularly caught my eye is her reference to a possible future false flag event, which she spells out in this interview which she calls “Could This Be the Next False Flag Attack?.

Rebekah recounts how she was playing with a new iPad a couple of years ago and came across an article in an Israeli news source, which said the following: Israeli intelligence has intercepted details of an Al Qaeda plan to strike 5 or 6 major cities throughout the United States. These will begin on May 2nd and last for 9 days until May 11th. It will mark the anniversary of the United States false flag Osama bin Laden SEAL team death.

Rebekah referred to the Pakistani President announcing bin Laden’s death from kidney failure in 2002 and confirmed that her research shows that Al Qaeda was created by US/Israeli interests. She also noted the reference to 9/11 in the dates. Then the article completely disappeared from the internet, making her suspicious. In her interview, Rebekah makes it clear she is aware of the cabalists’  practice of pre-announcing their plans and speculates whether 2015 could be the year for this to unfold. In her opinion, such an unfolding would lead to the imposition of martial law in the United States.

Is this what the massive current troop and equipment movements that are being reported all across the United States are all about? There has been much speculation that this is connected to a project known as Jade Helm 15, a notion vehemently dismissed by Gordon Duff of Veterans Today.

I do not know what the truth of this is, but there appear to be massive and unusual troop movements and placements happening across the US at this time, and they are doubtless connected to a project of some sort.

Time will tell.

Creating Miracles With Weed

I quote from the accompanying text to this video:

In this video Luke Rudkowski talks to the founder of the CPN Institute Mark Pedersen about the amazing miracles they provide with medical marijuana. Locally, nationally and internationally, Cannabis Patient Network Institute is a vocal advocate for the sick and dying. They travel across the nation to bring education to the children, families and other citizens in need of cannabis therapy and information about its medicinal use.
To find out more check out

End of quote.

Most people today have NO IDEA about the medical value of cannabis. It used to be a major natural product for healing, until it was banned early in the last century. I’m my opinion, there are three possible reasons, and perhaps all three were in play:

  1. It was such a powerful natural medicine that it would have competed with John D Rockefeller’s creation of modern medicine as a way to sell pharmaceuticals, an industry he had essentially purchased since the early pharmaceuticals were made from oil refining by-products.
  2. DuPont was introducing nylon and did not want competition from the extraordinary natural hemp that comes from this plant.
  3. Cannabis tends to break down mind control programming. As Cathy O’Brien explained in her books, drugs were everywhere in her enslaved, mind controlled world, but cannabis use was absolutely forbidden. Unknown to most of the public, forms of mind control programming are conducted via film and television and those driving this do not want their work tampered with.

Of course, we are told it is because it is such a dangerous, harmful drug, which is entertaining since alcohol and tobacco, to name two, are legal, not to mention the addictive, mind altering psychotropic drugs that Big Pharma foists upon the unwary. As Graham Hancock explains from his 30 year cannabis habit, it can be addictive and not necessarily socially helpful when it’s a 16 hour/day habit, but as far as I can tell, it has never killed anyone, which makes it unusual if not unique.

So, it is exciting to see the medicinal properties of cannabis being recognised once more, even if they have to begin by healing issues that western medicine has failed to address. Unsurprisingly, Dr. Rima Laibow is a powerful advocate for the healing properties of cannabis and has a project in Chile to grow organic cannabis for medicinal purposes.

Australia vaccine war update: the people, slaves to the State

Well, I’m not alone in identifying the extraordinary apathy of my fellow Australians as their freedom of choice is simply ripped away.

Here is Jon Rappoport’s take on it:

“Bit by bit and piece by piece, freedom is taken away. Eventually, most people don’t remember what is gone. All they’re left with is the feeling that some thoughts and actions would be dangerous, would leave them vulnerable, on the outside looking in. Of course, ‘on the outside looking in’ is the platform from which any sane person launches his future.” (The Underground, Jon Rappoport)

The other day, I wrote about radical changes in Australian vaccination policy. Principally, the national government has unilaterally decided that parents who receive government money will have that money taken away, if they don’t vaccinate their children. (See: Australia: refuse vaccination, lose $15,000)

Now I have learned that all families in Australia receive some form of government money. So the policy change affects everyone.

Which, of course, is what happens when citizens become beholden to big government. Government taketh, giveth back, taketh again, on their own timetable, according to their own dictates.

But it gets worse. Now, as laid out in a government document titled, “Strengthening Immunisation for Young Children,” we have this:

“Vaccine objection will no longer be an exemption category. Families with children that do not have a medical exemption (medical contraindication or natural immunity certified by an immunisation provider) will not receive [federal funds for] CCB, CCR, and the FTB Part A end of year supplement for that child (except for children under 12 months for the FTB Part A supplement).”

The previous categories of conscientious objection and religious objection to vaccination have been eliminated, in a single stroke. Just like that. These reasons for vaccine-exemption are gone. All across Australia.

This is an object lesson for the rest of the world. Free choice? A family’s own decisions on how to take care of their health? Torpedoed.

In the US press, a combination of information-suppression and unconcern has relegated this Australia story to the status of non-entity. A yawn.

If you’re looking for photos of tens or hundreds of thousands of Australians gathering in the streets to protest the new tyrannical rulings, don’t bother. It’s not happening.

Such a great pacification of the population has already occurred, the vaccination debacle passes through the nation like a mild ripple.

Yes, I have heard from Australians who are awake, who know what this ruling means, who still understand freedom, and I know there are others like them in the country, but on the whole there is silence and surrender.

The surveillance-state apparatus will certainly set up a national registry to track the vaccination-status of every Australian citizen, and dissidents will go on a list. Not only will federal money be taken from them, they will be subject to harassment and intimidation. In some cases, their children will be removed from the home and sent to foster care.

As a message to the unwilling.

In 1987, when I was writing my first book, AIDS INC., I warned that covert medical ops were perfect for controlling populations. Such ops don’t appear to be partisan, they wave no political banners, they insist what they’re doing is humanitarian, they invoke “share and care,” and they invent their own brand of science to justify their actions.

Now, we have a whole nation officially functioning as a medical police state. And trust me, this is the Lite version. There is more to come in Australia. Once the authorities see how easy it is to take step a, they move on to b. They blow the dust off some other tyrannical rule they’ve been keeping on the shelf; they trot it out; they deploy it; and they wait to see whether anyone cares. (my emphasis)

For example, how about extending the mandatory time period during which a person can be held against his will in a psychiatric facility, where doctors force brain-disabling drugs on him?

That would go a long way toward dealing with people who still know what freedom is.

“He’s obviously a threat to himself and others. He disrupts the orderly processes of society. He disturbs others around him. He’s delusional. He keeps thinking there is a problem. There is no problem…”

As I have written numerous times, the medical cartel, in the long run, is the most important branch of Globalism Inc. It builds a cradle to grave system for every person. Traveling in a half-light of multiple diagnoses and toxic drug treatments, the citizens live in parallel universe of debilitation and confusion, where they become too weak to resist what is happening to them.

In part, freedom means freedom from this.

Jon Rappoport

David Icke calls this process the Totalitarian Tiptoe. Do not underestimate this process. James Corbett shared a fascinating perspective on this, which I’ll share with you in the coming days. It’s rolled out, step by step, and if there’s no pushback, it stays. If the pushback is strong, as in the example I have shared with you with Dr. Rima Laibow organising a national protest which stopped a planned vaccination that would have rendered most if not all Americans infertile. But they don’t give up. They regroup and come back around. Time is not  a major factor for these people. If it takes another 50 years, it doesn’t seem to matter. As things stand, “they” will still be there, but Rima will not.

And they roll out different parts in different countries, depending on what they can get away with. Tiptoe by tiptoe. Forced vaccination here, GMO there, horrific legal statutes against revealing the truth of the Holocaust story in another place, secretive investigation of journalists in another, crippling debt in another, and so it goes, often using false flag events or false testimony to justify it.

The public is asleep, but they are not. And when you control what is taught in schools and colleges and universities, a generation sees the truth of what happened buried, just as I shared with the Bolshevik revolution. It’s quite clear when you read sources from the 1920s that many understood that this was a Zionist-driven takeover and a thorough looting of the massive Russian wealth, but today it’s well hidden, and many treat the evidence with disbelief. It seems so incongruous that this happened, that the deaths of over 60 million people in the Soviet Gulags were driven by Zionist Jews, given how the media paints the world. But it is true and Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn was written out of the picture for revealing it. For example, “Russian people are now confronted by a Jew both as their judge and hangman. Why was it that anyone who had the misfortune to fall into the hands of the Cheka could count with high probability on standing before a Jewish investigator or being shot by a Jew?

Such revelations are seriously politically incorrect.

A chilling step closer to Australian secret police

I quote from this article by Jonathan Holmes:

Foreign journalists are falling off their chairs in shock at the brutality of our data retention law, yet we hardly blink an eye…

… In particular, Senator Brandis addressed the so-called “chilling effect” on investigative journalism that the media feared would result from the authorities’ ability to scour reporters’ metadata in search of their confidential sources. That’s been fixed, he assured us. The new act contains “a large and detailed architecture for the protection of journalists … which forms no part of the existing law”.

So it does. And I’ve been brooding about that architecture for the past two weeks, as I sat for many hours on aeroplanes, courtesy of the ABC’s Foreign Correspondent. I’ve talked about it to journalists in Paris, Washington and New York, specialists in reporting on terrorism and counter-terrorism. And when I described one particular facet of the act to them – one that has received minimal comment here in Australia – they nearly fell off their chairs.

Division 4C of the amended act lays down that if a law enforcement agency wants to search a professional journalist’s metadata in pursuit of his or her source, it first has to get a “journalist information warrant” from an “issuing authority” – usually a judge or magistrate – or in the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation’s case, from the Attorney-General.

The authority should only issue the warrant, the act says, if the public interest in doing so outweighs various other public interests, including the source’s right to privacy. The authority must also weigh in the balance any arguments made by a public interest advocate.

This curious person – a senior lawyer (of course) with the necessary security clearances – will be appointed by the Prime Minister, no less. And, in the soothing words of the opposition defence spokesman, Labor’s Stephen Conroy, “the PIA will be empowered to stand in the shoes of the journalist and argue why it is contrary to the public interest to issue the warrant”.

Well fine. Except there’s a Kafkaesque catch-22. The public interest advocate will not be able to inform the journalist or news organisation that a warrant has been sought, so the advocate cannot be briefed on any public interest aspect of the story, or any particular reason why the source should remain confidential, that is not already blindingly obvious.

Indeed, this public interest advocacy will not be public. It will be utterly private: one lawyer secretly trying to persuade another lawyer why a spook or a copper should not get access to a reporter’s source, while the reporter – and, of course, the source – remain in blissful ignorance.

And here comes the kicker: the clause that had those foreign reporters falling off their chairs, but was barely mentioned by anyone, so far as I can see, in the parliamentary debates about the bill.

Section 182A of the new act says anyone who “discloses or uses” information about a journalist information warrant – about whether one has been applied for, or has been granted, or exists, or even does not exist – can be sent to prison for two years. Think about that. (my emphasis)

What possible justification can there be for this extraordinary provision? After all, these warrants need have nothing whatever to do with terrorism or national security. They can be issued to any agency that is investigating pretty much any crime (including, presumably, the crime committed by any Commonwealth public servant who leaks official information to the media – see section 70 of the Crimes Act).

Section 182A is of a piece with the increasingly draconian enforcement of secrecy that Australians have blithely accepted since 9/11.

End of quote.

FINALLY, and Aussie journalist speaks up about this legislation, and only after is has been passed and only on the basis of the reaction of his overseas colleagues. Extraordinary. Australians, for the most part, are blithely oblivious to the degree of control that is in place over free speech and so many other things in Australia. But it’s OK. I’m a good, law-abiding citizen. It won’t affect me…

As I’ve said before, the jail with no visible bars will not cause any protest. Rather, they are put in place slowly, one step at a time, justified by false flag terrorism, beginning in earnest with 9/11.

Cathy O’Brien: CIA Mk Ultra Survivor Talks To The Richie Allen Show About Mind Control

If you’re not familiar with Cathy O’Brien’s story of mind control abuse by America’s political and military elite, I commend this interview to you.

Dying to Be Me – Anita Moorjani’s extraordinary message for humanity

In 2002, Anita Moorjani was diagnosed with lymphoma. Anita was a young woman of Indian descent who had grown up in and was living in Hong Kong, recently married and with seemingly everything to live for. However, she had lived a life where she felt she was failing to meet the expectations of others, most notably her Indian family and community. Not long after her marriage to the husband of her own choice – not the Indian way – both her best friend and her brother in law contracted and died of cancer. And so, FEAR became Anita’s overriding emotion – fear of failing her family and community, fear of cancer, fear of doing the wrong thing at every turn – fear of life itself, and of dying.

She had nowhere to turn. Then her lymphoma.

Anita’s health declined over 4 years, to the point where her body was racked with cancer and unable to absorb nutrients. She was a skeleton, requiring a wheelchair to move around and her skin was covered in massive, weeping lesions  as her body tried to clear the toxins. Her husband stayed awake at night to make sure she didn’t drown in her own fluids in her sleep.

Then the inevitable happened. On February 6, 2006, Anita could not get up, even with assistance and she was admitted to the emergency department of a nearby hospital. The doctors were shocked at her state and told her husband they did not expect her to last the night. As they attached all of the medical paraphernalia, Anita drifted into a coma.

But she did not die. In this state, Anita had a Near Death Experience (NDE). Although you won’t hear about these in the mainstream media, whilst uncommon they are not so rare. I personally know of several people who have experienced an NDE for one reason or another. In Anita’s case, she experienced herself as being one with all things. She experienced her father, who had died several years before and her best friend who had died a few years before, interacting with her in unconditional love and compassion. She experienced that the past, present and future exist as one. She experienced that she was made from love and that everything is made from love and there was no judgment in that experience. She experienced herself as being One with all Creation.

She could hear and see the experiences of those connected to her in life, even though they were out of earshot of her comatose physical body – her brother flying from India to be with her, her husband speaking with a doctor down the hall from her room, telling him how dire her situation was (the doctor was later shocked when she greeted him by name and recounted what she had witnessed him doing and saying).

Then she realised she had a choice: she could continue to cross over, in which case she would die and the tests that had been run on her organs would show that they had completely shut down, or she could choose to return and share her experience and understanding with those who would listen, in which case the tests that had been run on her organs would show that, remarkably, her organs had begun to recover. Her choice in that state would determine the results of tests taken in the past. Anita chose to return.

The tests did show the organs were recovering, much to the surprise of the doctors. Within 3 days, the tumours had shrunk dramatically. Within 5 days, she left Intensive Care. The weeping lesions, which the doctors said would require surgical help to heal, partly because her body was so malnourished, healed by themselves. Within a few weeks, Anita had made a complete recovery.

I share this with you because, according to our Western medical model, this simply could not happen. Illness and disease is considered something which happens to us, rather than it being an experience we have because our body and/or soul is trying to tell us we have something that we need to heal; that our outer health experience is a reflection of our inner state of health (some people have experiences of health issues for other reasons, as Anita acknowledges in her book). Anita was clear, in hindsight, that her fear had caused her cancer, and in my own work, it is clear that fear is the most common cause of cancer.

Anita came to understand that religious dogma and belief of any type was restricting and more likely to lead us to live a limited life rather than an expansive one, lived in the moment and following the inner guidance we all have that can steer us through life. I don’t say effortlessly through life, because it isn’t always so, but if we follow our inner guidance, even if it involves some kind of struggle, it is in our best interest; and life truly unfolds in front of us, often with unexpected serendipity.

Anita now sees her cancer as the gift which set her free from her fear and limiting beliefs.

In my view, Anita chose this difficult path in life as a message to all of us who will listen – that life is not just this temporal domain; that we are all much, much more than this, and that our soul or spirit aspect survives the death experience. She also chose it as a shocking demonstration of the truth of her experience. According to the western medical model and the scientific worldview, she should have died on February 2nd, 2006. But, incredibly dramatically and emphatically, she did not. From within this conscious, her healing was miraculous, and it gave her a platform from which to share her understandings of how to live life and who and what we truly are – an expression of unlimited, loving consciousness.

I particularly love this book because it resonates so profoundly with what I teach in my own healing work; we need to heal our past and reconnect with our self-love, something that in our world is packaged as being self-indulgent and egotistical, when nothing could be further from the truth. It is only when we reconnect with the magnificence of who we are and our self-love that we can love others unconditionally for who and what they are. It is only by rediscovering this truth within ourselves that we can be fully empowered and fearless, living our own experience of the truth of ourselves.

You can find a series of videos of Anita’s experience here, and you can find her book, “Dying to Be Me” at this link. I commend it to you. It might transform your life.

Jony Ive

A great article on Jony Ive, Apple’s design head.

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