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Further evidence that the November Paris terror attacks were a false flag event, with a Satanic backdrop

This provides an overview of the recent False Flag Weekly news episode with Dr. Kevin Barrett and Prof. Tony Hall:

Prof. Tony Hall and I discuss an unusual topic: “Satanists’ fingerprints all over the Paris and San Bernardino false flags.”

End of quote.

The segment that addresses the evident satanic threads behind the November Paris attacks and links back to the ancient satanic threads behind Zionism and the broader global Jewish elite agenda begins here. Barrett also discusses the role of child abuse and child sacrifice and the practices of these people.

This video shows David Shayler and Dr Nick Kollerstrom discussing the false flag evidence surrounding the November Paris attacks.

We’ve Tried This Before 1: Feminism and Miscegenation in the USSR

It seems our Jewish controllers have tried the Cultural Marxist game before:

The Russians have first-hand experience with feminist and multiculturalist lunacy. In the early decades of the USSR, the Bolshevik government concocted an artistic style called “Socialist Realism.” And no, they weren’t trying to be ironic. “Socialist Realism” depicted things the way Stalin and his fuck-puppets in the politburo thought they should be. This resulted in all sorts of absurdities, absurdities that you know well, because they have resurfaces as some of the commonest tropes in current entertainment.

If there is one rule in art, it is that you cannot regularly violate the principles of psychological normality. In certain genres, you are free to mess with the laws of nature –animals can talk, it can rain jelly-beans, creatures that are half-man, half horse can frolic in meadows of candy canes and corndogs, whatever. But even then, the characters must generally behave according to known psychological principles (the occasional wack-job notwithstanding). No one could tolerate a novel where all the male characters were happy to let some dipshit boff all the women, asking for nothing in return but 18-hour days toiling in the uranium mines. It’s too great a stretch of the imagination. People just don’t act that way.

End of quote.

Just in case you missed the connection.

It’s all about breaking down the culture, values and normalcy of those you want to destroy.

What Is Cultural Marxism?

This brief video provides an excellent introduction to Cultural Marxism, its origins (the Frankfurt School) and its consequences – the destruction of European culture.

And as I have shared with you previously, the founders of the Frankfurt School were… …Jewish. As was Marx, of course. Son of a rabbi.

All just coincidences, I’m sure you’ll agree.

The goyim and many Jews are like deer in the headlights. They have no clue what they are inside of. Henry Ford spelled it out in 1920, but few listened.

And now it’s a runaway freight train. Some argue that a growing number of people are waking up. Perhaps. But the numbers are still tiny.

David Icke recently stated that the years 2016-8 or so are critical in this game. If people don’t recognise what this is as it more and more breaks cover, the prognosis for humanity is not a good one.

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