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Indigenous journalist Stan Grant speaks of what it means to be a black Australian

Australia Day is on January 26th and this powerful speech by indigenous journalist Stan Grant, filled with facts, about what it means to an Aboriginal in Australia on Australia Day is a wake-up call to all Australians and all peoples of power in the world. As John Pilger has pointed out several times in his documentaries, Australia Day and average Australians celebrate the disenfranchisement of the Aboriginal people on that day.

But it is a global story and it is no accident. It has long been intended that the indigenous peoples of the world be wiped from its face. A global coincidence? Not a chance.

And it continues today.

And unless we wake up to who drives this agenda and why, it will not stop until they are eliminated, along with their wisdom, their languages, their medicines, their understanding of how to live in balance with nature on our beautiful planet.

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