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Is There a New 9/11 “attack” in the Works?

From the YouTube page for this:

Is there a new 9/11 false flag attack in the works? If you had foreknowledge of 9/11 would you have remained silent? Do you know what happened to Libya’s Stinger missiles? All 20, 000 of them? How is the Clinton Foundation involved? What do they have planned for America as soon as Trump is in office?

I encourage you watch this video from Rebekah Roth.

And in case you’ve forgotten about Rebekah, she’s the former airline stewardess that has opened a whole new perspective on the 9/11 event. Sadly, it seems like some of the 9/11 old guard feel the need to discredit her. Get a life, guys. She’s the real deal.

It hasn’t been high enough on my To Do list to post about Rebekah’s latest in her trilogy, Methodical Conclusion, but here’s just a couple of the new pieces to the puzzle it contains:

  • A 757 with a fuel bladder to allow it to get many of the guilty parties out of harm’s way after the event
  • How a mobile command and control plane called the Speckled Trout was spotted in the N.Y. area

I quote:

But someone got the bright idea in the late eighties to turn the Trout into a command and control center.  When they were finished applying all the bells and whistles, that old bird was better than new, filled with the latest technology.  There was nothing that airplane could not do.  It has a communication system onboard unlike anything the public is even aware exists, that plane can communicate with any phone in the world.  For instance, it has radar and satellite technology most of us can’t comprehend.  That plane is a flying command center and from there, a war can be orchestrated by the bigwigs.  Lots of what it can do is still top secret.  The guys from DARPA were all over that bird at Edwards…

…That baby could have taken over as many as eight aircraft remotely, and flown them to wherever they wanted…

… The Trout had direct satellite control.  They could reposition any satellites, including the military’s top secret ones.  They had the ability to shut down radar and make airplanes appear and disappear, as well as control what other aircraft could or could not see.  In addition, they had a direct tie-in to the FAA’s control centers.  Its communication package knew no equal.  They even had a direct line into the White House.  The modifications were meant to allow this aircraft to command a war from the air.  These days a lot of that technology and capability has been superseded by the E4B’s, which is why the Trout has now been retired, but the bottom line is there was nothing that baby couldn’t do.

End of quote.

I’ve discussed previously how she figured out that the planes on 9/11 were taken to Westover Airforce base, which was subsequently confirmed by one or more sightings of low flying “heavies” in the area that morning. Rebekah fills in a lot of gaps in the events surrounding 9/11 in her “Methodical” series.

Which is why I keep an eye on what she’s up to, and the information she’s bringing  forth from George Webb is worth consideration.


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