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There’s Only One Answer to Any Question

Thank you, Molly, for this powerful article:

There has been a surge of “awakening” people on the planet in recent years, and while they may have found answers in various places to many of their questions that make sense to them, there is one underlying correct answer to all the questions about, “how could they do that?”, which David Icke addresses in the video below.

One cannot possibly fully grasp what has happened and IS happening on this planet if they don’t have this answer. The answer to every question is, “They’re not human.”

Humans would not, could not, and DO not, do what those who have been gunning for world domination have done to this planet and her people. Humans may be bribed by substantial amounts of money or blackmailed and even threatened into assisting, but they are not the ones in control.

It’s perfectly understandable that folks consider us “conspiracy theorists”, or that we’re gullible or easily led, or just outright loonie tunes—UNLESS folks have the answer to every question, which is, “They’re not human.”

Once one comes to this realization, everything changes. The final, elusive piece of the puzzle falls magically into place. Latecomers to the party then approach us sheepishly, cap in hand, wondering how they could have missed it.

They suddenly see that all those questions we once pondered are answered in the only way they can be.

How could the justice system persecute a doctor in court for a decade and destroy his practice because he found a safe, natural cure for inoperable brain cancer in children? The answer: They’re not human.

How could they give vaccinations to babies and children that give them autism or the disease they’re meant to be protected from? The answer: They’re not human.

How could they murder dozens of employees at banks who could tell us what the banksters are doing? The answer: They’re not human.

How could they sterilize women without their knowledge and perform dangerous experiments on people that could kill them? The answer: They’re not human.

How could they plan wars, send soldiers off to be mutilated or die and murder millions of people intentionally with bombs and biowarfare? The Answer: They’re not human.

How could they replace our natural foods with simulations they create, knowing they will cause disease and death in animals and people? The answer: They’re not human.

How could they control the weather and create droughts, floods, hurricanes, earthquakes and tsunamis? The answer: They’re not human.

How could 911 be an inside job when over three thousand people died? The answer: They’re not human.

How could they give drugs to people to cure disease when they know these chemicals can kill them? The answer: They’re not human.

How could they abduct children, torture them, use them as sex toys or even worse? The answer: They’re not human.

How could the government steal trillions of taxpayer dollars for black projects and a secret space program when millions are starving and have no roof over their head? The answer: They’re not human.

How could they not tell people about extraterrestrials if they exist and have been coming to Earth? The answer: They’re extraterrestrials!

Americans, Brits, Aussies, and others have to realize that “their government” is not what they think it is. It’s been hijacked by malevolent, off-world beings who bred with humans and succeeded in controlling the planet almost completely—until just recently.

Now it is time to remove these predatory creatures before it’s too late and Humanity and Earth are utterly destroyed.

David Icke has been trying for decades to make people aware of the truth, and in the nick of time sufficient numbers finally heard his message, and similar information from others.

The war with this infestation of psychopathic alien hybrids is in its final phase and we are watching the last thrashing about of a deadly, advanced race of monster that has been feeding on Humans—figuratively and literally—for millennia. The death knell has sounded and they heard it, but they are so crazed to save themselves they are pulling all the stops and continue to fight.

The battle rages on the surface of the planet and in the skies over our heads, but they have ample stories to cover up what they’re doing and what we’re seeing, using the mass media companies which they control to lie to the world about what is happening.

Some people will believe anything—especially when it’s on television or comes from their “government”. They also put out lies in newspapers, magazine articles and on the Internet.

One of the most painful and revolting issues we have to deal with today that most are loathe to even contemplate, is pedophilia. Unfortunately, it isn’t strictly child trafficking; it’s far worse. It’s beyond comprehension for most Human beings and extends right up to the Vatican and European royalty.

David doesn’t go into detail in this short video, but he has in others which I have shared, and the WikiLeaks dump of “Podesta emails” involving Hillary and Bill Clinton and others in top echelons of the US government leave little to the imagination.

Folks, when you see articles or videos about PizzaGate—don’t turn away. It’s not the latest social media wry humour. It should bring tears to your eyes or get you outright bawling.

Once you get the picture, certainly—choose how much more you need to know. It’s not necessary to indulge in it mercilessly once you understand what these creatures do to Humans, but don’t discount it before you fully understand the crime.

Sooner or later, this must all come to the forefront of public recognition and acceptance for the healing to take place. Denial will not get us where we need to be.

Some feel that at this point the awakening to the Truth is over. They believe that anyone who has not recognized what has happened on Earth and why by now, never will, and that they will continue to live in a world like this elsewhere when the story is done.

That may be true, but I continue to share the truth, regardless. It’s not for me to decide who will accept it and who will not—or when.  ~ BP

End of quote.

And regardless of what you think of David Icke, please take a few minutes to watch this video from David that Molly posted.

And this one from SGTReport that adds to the picture.

As I’ve said many times before, until and unless we understand and accept this, we will not begin to deal with it.


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Practising Holistic Medicine is a deadly career choice

Thank you, Molly.

The body count of dead holistic doctors in the US, since it became serious in July 2015 or thereabouts, at that time primarily associated with the use of GcMAF therapy, has now reached 61.

Seen anything about it in the mainstream press? Didn’t think so. It seems the officially endorsed medical model, or those who set it up and control it, will brook no competition. They have good reason to feel threatened. But they won’t stem the tide. Gravy trains such as chemotherapy for cancer will soon be derailed.

For example, I met with a guy whilst I was in the US recently who had purchased some customer test products from me, sourced from the Keshe Foundation. He had previously had three skin cancers removed surgically and didn’t want to keep doing it. After spraying the plasma activated water on the skin cancer under his eye for seven days, it was gone.

But don’t tell anyone. We’ll all be killed…


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What is this “Thunderstorm Asthma” that struck Melbourne, Australia?

Today, there were renewed warnings to Melburnians to be on their guard against “Thunderstorm Asthma”. This warning relates to events in Melbourne on November 21st, when Emergency Services were overwhelmed by calls as a result of this phenomenon, with an ambulance dispatched every 4.5 seconds during the peak of the storm, and eight people died.

Unsurprisingly, now that the dust (or pollen) has settled, people have begun to ask, “what was this?” And I, like others, have been sceptical about the official version.

And this article and especially this video linked therein gets very interesting. For me, the smoking gun (there are others) is the Wikipedia entry about “Thunderstorm Asthma“. It gives several prior examples of the phenomenon. Ahhh…, a known natural phenomenon. Except some doubting Thomas did some snooping, and found this page was created on November 22nd, the day after the event…

WTF has gone on here? A little bioweapon testing, perhaps? It has certainly set tongues wagging. But a known, natural phenomenon is was not, and today’s warning, in my opinion, is another piece of the cover-up.


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