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This video strongly indicates Julian Assange is alive

We know that it’s possible to fake voice pretty well today but, in my opinion, the way the responses are couched suggests strongly to me it is Assange that is being interviewed, and recently. Around and around I go…


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Jewish Professor Larry Lessig leading the efforts to deny Trump the needed Electoral College votes – no accident

It has become clear to me that almost no-one sees the placement of faithful (to the elitist agenda) Jews in academic professorships, not only in the United States but globally. This places them to be able to be “thought leaders” in destroying Western culture. Look at the history of psychiatry, for example, or the gay movement, or political correctness, or … pretty much ANYTHING that undermines traditional Western cultural value. It is like a cancer, except the patient is blind to it, and any mention of it is branded as anti-Semitic – that weaponised, totally misleading but powerfully effective label.

Go take a look around you. It’s EVERYWHERE!!! And I don’t think I’ve seen anyone write about this in this manner. And Henry Ford warned us in 1920. He could see it happening in the arts, in law, in business, in media – everywhere. He named his series of articles The International Jew, because he understood. These days he’s been discredited because he has been associated with Hitler, which today is as big of a taboo as being anti-Semitic – and with as much validity if you actually look beyond the propaganda our world takes to be true. I have a long piece to write about this and perhaps the coming Christmas break will give me the time to do it.

And so, here we have a well-placed Harvard University Jewish constitutional law professor leading the charge to deny Trump the Presidency, just as I warned might unfold back on November 13th.

Take a moment to add up the current or recent Jewish political leaders – most recent past and present in the UK, along with the main opposition leader, soon to be US (if Trump gets in), Australia, Germany, France, etc. And Russia? Very hard to tell.

And Ford pointed out their control of the judiciary in the US and, although I have not had the time to fully prove it, the evidence points to Australia’s recent Chief Justice appointment Susan Kiefel to be of the brethren. It’s well buried, but if it walks like a duck…

This hidden hand is so pervasive and yet so carefully disguised. You can but begrudgingly admire it.

So, let’s see what happens with this attempt to derail Trump’s Presidency before it even begins.


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