Google Protects VIP Pedophile Ring & Censors Fiona Barnett

Censorship can be subtle but nonetheless effective. I have written about Google’s antics in this regard before.

This example is as clearcut as you’re likely to get:

Recently it has been confirmed that Google censored it’s search engine to promote Hillary Clinton in the 2016 U.S. Presidential Campaign by concealing her crimes and current FBI Investigation.[1] It appears that Google might be censoring Fiona Barnett’s story where she exposed Nicole Kidman’s dad as a Satanic pedophile involved with a VIP pedophile ring.

The censorship affects the suggestions that appear underneath the Google search box as a user types into it. These suggestions were purposely altered by Google to remove any reference to Hillary’s crimes, and it appears that the same has been done for Antony Kidman.

These screenshots are a few comparisons I have done on Sunday the 12th of June at around 8:00PM, Sydney time. These comparisons between Google, Bing and Yahoo show that Google, the biggest and most sophisticated search engine in the world, misses out on the most popular search terms for Antony Kidman that have any reference to his crimes.

End of quote.

Go to the article to see the blatant illustrations.

I suggest that this happens widely.

I remind you of this image from Google Earth that shows the shadow of Moloch the owl cast at the Georgia Guidestones. Coincidence? Fat chance.

These guys are part of the global control system.

Remember, you will not rail against being imprisoned when you think you are free.

Here’s Moloch in the centre of Washington.

Moloch the owl in Washington

And if you look, there are owls all over Washington.

And perhaps the most infamous example of Moloch is from Bohemian Grove:

Moloch at Bohemian Grove



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