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William Engdahl comments on the state of play in Ukraine

Bill Engdahl’s perspective on the world is always worth hearing, and here he shares his perspective on the current state of play in Ukraine.

How the Illuminati/Satanists control the entertainment industry

I have previously posted about the dark background to the Laurel County phenomenon of the 60s and 70s, and also how the Rockefeller institute successfully changed the tuning frequency of the music we listen to from 432Hz to 400Hz in the early 20th century. So what is happening today?

There is a seemingly endless plethora of YouTube videos that speak of the satanic control of the entertainment industry, especially music, but most of them are as bad as that which they set out to expose. Recently I came across a refreshing video by Mark Dice that does not suffer from this. Mark looks at the satanic and Illuminati influence in the music and activities of Rihanna and Beyoncé’s husband Jay-Z. I’ll let Mark speak for himself. Moreover, Mark goes on to quote from Aleister Crowley’s dark guide book, Magick, illustrating the basis for the ritual sacrifice of innocent young children that Kevin Annett is working hard to expose.

To not want to believe that such things are happening in our world simply disables our ability to respond to it accordingly.

Who created ISIS and for what purpose?

In early July I posted an article entitled Are we seeing the pieces being put in place for the foretold WW3?, which speculated that ISIS was a product of the same forces that have created all of these so-called threats in our world, to keep us in fear, to drive further removal of human rights and freedoms and to discourage us from looking at what is really going on.

It is hard for most people to grasp that what they see in the mainstream media and even most of the secondary media is all part of this false paradigm, this false lens through which we are encouraged to view life.

This conversation about ISIS has moved forward substantially since that post and further information about this has come across my desk, some of which I want to share with you. In that article I mentioned a letter Albert Pike wrote to Giuseppe Mazzini in 1871 and foretold of three world wars. As you know, we’ve had two of them and they were consistent with Albert Pike’s letter. The third is to involve Sunni and Shia Islam and to encompass Israel. This was foretold in 1871 when Israel did not even exist, nor was there any public awareness of plans to bring Israel forth.

In understanding this game, the research of Eustace Mullins is priceless, and this presentation from 2002 is perhaps one of the last when he was able to present his extraordinary material in a public forum. In it he discusses how the US has been used to fund much of the change in the last century, including the Russian Revolution and including bankrolling and supplying Israel, much of it covert. One of the more bizarre stories is how Mossad has been funded by  10,000 non-existent employees in the Chicago Public Works Department.

Another extraordinary presentation on this is an interview with Bahman Nassiri. Nassiri is Iranian-born filmmaker who recently released his film The Golden Veil, which claims that the Illuminati triggered the revolution against the Shah of Iran, along with the American hostage crisis and the delayed release of the hostages until  Reagan came to power. But, for me, the power of Nassiri’s message in the above interview is the way that ISIS is being created to generate an enemy of sufficient scale to justify WWIII. Additionally, he reveals the existence of the dark secret societies that control the world – and names them (e.g.  The Eagles and the Roshaniya). He was prompted to name them because a friend of his father, who was involved in these secret levels of control, suffered what Eustace Mullins terms a “Washington heart attack” shortly after Nassiri revealed enough about him on a prior radio show for him to be identified by those with sufficient insider information. Nassiri himself is a 32nd degree Freemason, which seems to be the last level at which the organisation is made up of good, well-meaning individuals. The hijacking is above this level, from what I have come to understand.

And there are many other threads that add to this picture. For example, former CIA contractor Steven Kelley claims ISIS is a completely fabricated enemy created and funded by the United States. This is fleshed out in much more detail in this presentation entitled “The Covert Origins of ISIS” and further expanded here, which includes a photo of John McCain meeting with the ISIS leadership. Interestingly, Fidel Castro has recently come out attacking the US and Israel for creating ISIS and also fingers John McCain for his role.

Now this has recently been expanded with stories of ISIS planning to attack the Western world, including now two apparent beheadings of journalists. This plays well in the Western media. David Cameron has raised the terrorist threat level in the U.K. and has begun to restrict freedoms of those who might be likely to join ISIS. Further, there are stories being spread that ISIS plans to attack the United States via Mexico. Also, there was an ISIS banner displayed as a covert element in a CNN interview which looks to be staged by CNN, as well as a guy waving an ISIS flag out the window of his car in Chicago and threatening police with a bomb. Clearly a staged event.

So I encourage you to not be fooled by this posturing. So-called democratically elected leaders are simply the shadow puppets that Joe Public is given to argue over or to think holds the power in the world. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Along with all other major activities in today’s world, ISIS is a creation of those forces that define the world’s agenda, with the overall objectives of reducing the global human population to 0.5BN and bringing  forth a new level of global control, euphemistically referred to as the New World Order. And short of a shift in consciousness on our planet, I do not see how this can be prevented.

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