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Breaking the last taboo – Gaza and the threat of world war

Another excellent article by John Pilger. John brings forth some truths of the situation in Gaza and how the mainstream press is complicit in the genocide by Israel.

However, in my view, John has not broken the last taboo. The last taboo is how the Rothschilds and their cohorts created Israel and so much more in the world we live in, but no-one in the mainstream media will dare mention it. As John says, journalists get dismissed for speaking the truth about Gaza and other matters. Death is a more likely result from mentioning the unmentionable real last taboo. To begin with, the Rothschilds have owned Reuters since the late 19th century and AP for not much less time. Owning the press helps to keep your name out of it, and helps you steer the stories you want told, establish the memes you want to set up, like terrorism, the Cold War, man-made global warming as a stalking horse for the ne’er mentioned Agenda 21, the UN as a joint force for the common good of mankind, etc. Murdoch is but a mouthpiece for these people, as is the US Government. The real power is hidden. Will John go after the REAL power one day? I truly hope so. He is one of the few independent journalists with the possible freedom and the chutzpah to do it.

U.S. INTERNET & POWER OUTAGE 9/11 2014 – Planned Nationwide Outages & Emergency Drills

The following notes accompany this video:

“On 9/11/2014, all across our nation, ISPs and PSPs (phone service providers) are implementing ‘planned outages’. The most common excuse is ‘for maintenance’. That’s right – on the anniversary of the worst attack against the US in living memory, when we’ll all be compelled to reach out to friends and family, and on the very day that high level sources are warning that we should expect another terrorist attack, there seems to be a coordinated effort to prevent communication. As a former telecoms professional, I know that such a high number of simultaneous outages is extraordinary; but anyone can see that this anomaly occurring on 9/11 is not only bizarre but also incredibly troubling.

“Some of these outages, like the one at UC San Diego, will last all day, from 6AM – 5PM. I found that a high number of universities, including the University of Iowa as well as Michigan State, will be without internet that day, regardless of the fact that it’s a work day and a school day for our nation’s tuition-indebted students. I’ve included links and screen captures, but you really can’t even begin to grasp the scope of this thing until you search for it yourself. internet power outage nationwide isp psp planning maintenance 9/11 “united states” u.s. usa america family warning attack communication “social media” telecommunications university “broadband internet” school student search 2014 drill exercise “9/11 2014” “september 11” phone “cell phone” anniversary police disaster training survival police entertainment news media trending viral success war “world war 3” nyc chicago “las vegas” “new york city” defense “u.s. army” troops airline airplane “elite nwo agenda” alex jones infowars rant gerald celente david icke we are change anonymous russia ukraine mh370 nuke manhattan endgame islam obama speech syria israel coast to coast am lindsey williams george soros rothschild bankers dollar gold silver

“Don’t forget, the Daily Mail reported last week that terrorist forces in Libya have acquired 11 commercial airliners after taking control of the airport in Tripoli. The article also relayed that US Government officials were worried that the planes could be used in a second 9/11 attack this Thursday.

“So what compelled the Obama regime and the Department of Homeland Security to schedule so many training exercises for that day?

“With ISIS forces pledging to bring their war to America, why are We the People suddenly in such a precarious state of defenselessness?

“Perhaps those answers are somehow related to why Obama chose to provide weapons, armor, and funding to ISIS in the first place.
A multi-national terror drill is scheduled to take place in the coming months that supposedly aims to assess, test and validate vital infrastructure resources should they come under an unlikely cyberattack.

“According to the New York Times, “…thousands of utility workers, business executives, National Guard officers, F.B.I. antiterrorism experts and officials from government agencies in the United States, Canada and Mexico are preparing for an emergency drill in November that will simulate physical attacks and cyberattacks that could take down large sections of the power grid.”

“The various companies and organizations across North America set to take part in the drill will be able to do so from their workplaces, with the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) in Washington “announcing successive failures.” Russia’s control of valuable domestic resources puts them in a unique strategic position against the United States. Amid tensions between the United States and Russia in recent months many international analysts have warned of consequences that may include everything from thermo-nuclear detonations to asymmetric warfare such as financial cyber attacks, weapons of mass destruction, or targeting of the national utility grid.’

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