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ISIL “creates” Australia’s 9/11 moment

As my Aussie friends and family are in the middle of what seems to be imminent threats of beheadings by these dangerous ISIL “agents”, they/you may find it difficult to believe what I am about to say. As I’ve said before, beliefs, combined with fear, are powerful drivers and almost impossible to see beyond.

As I’ve pointed out previously, every war in the last 100 years and perhaps the last 200 have been triggered by a false flag event. Documented beyond question. Moreover, 9/11 was without doubt a false flag event. We could begin with the fact that Osama bin Laden was either dead or dying from the complications arising from Marfan Syndrome at the time of the 9/11 event, having been a valuable US asset as the leader of the Mujahedeen fighting the Russians in Afghanistan. A nice piece of recycling, in my view. Never let a good asset go to waste, even if he is dead. And don’t mistake that piece of Obama re-election theatre where bin Laden was supposedly eliminated in 2011 as having anything to do with the truth. We are all trapped inside this global movie theatre and not many have yet begun to look for the exits.

In my view, sitting outside of it as it unfolds (currently in the United States), the application of the Hegelian Dialectic (“problem, reaction, solution”) is in full flight at the moment in Australia, to justify the removal of further freedoms and the ramping up of the police state.

Problem – ISIL agents are threatening to behead Australians for no reason other than they are Australians.

Reaction – They must be stopped at all costs. Government – the people must be protected.

Solution – Draconian new legislation that includes the pursuit and probable imprisonment of journalists without trial and imprisonment for life for those who go to the wrong country without good reason (excuse me if I have the exact details a little wonky since I haven’t yet read the fine print).

For me, this is reminiscent of the way the Patriot Act was rammed through in the United States almost before the dust had settled at Ground Zero, and Susan Lindauer’s experience and subsequent book “Extreme Prejudice” illustrate powerfully what this legislation means to the average American who gets on the wrong side of this machine. Except in Susan they picked the wrong target. She didn’t lie down quietly and take the drugs they wanted to force on her.

And we have this beautiful reinforcement of the Problem with 800 police deployed in New South Wales and Queensland, broadcast on live television, leading to the arrest of princely number of one or two suspects. This episode of Q&A discusses some of the issues rather well, in my view, revealing the Muslim perspective as well as the justifications by the requisite Federal Government minister. I found it interesting that even the eloquent Muslims who could smell a rat, stopped short of suggesting that the police might in any way be accomplices in this obvious piece of theatre.

Then we have the statements by Prime Minister Tony Abbott, such as reduction in freedom necessary to save lives from terrorism threat and Security may come before some freedoms. Then we have the Melbourne attack, to which Abbott says Melbourne attack is proof people are ‘capable of extreme acts’ in Australia. Powerful Reaction-fuelling events and statements.

And the Solution will just sail through Parliament. The Opposition will support it and the public will feel a great sense of relief that big Tony and his Government mates are protecting us all from these nasty ISIL extremists who will clearly stop at nothing. These irrational beheaders of people. I mean, we’ve seen it on television. It must be true. Let’s forget the evidence that ISIL  was created by the US or those whose interests they serve, just as the War on Terror was before it – not to mention the Cold War, the Vietnam War… Anyone spot a pattern?

And so it goes. As I said, the Opposition will support it because they  are, in fact, on the same side. They are all puppets of those behind the scenes. Most of the time, life goes on apparently calmly, with the political foes bickering over irrelevancies, and Joe Public chooses sides – when they are really the opposite sides of the same face and in these critical moments of great change, they line up in unison and Joe Public thanks them for saving him/her. As Ghis Lanctôt says, whilst we are behaving like sheep, we need a shepherd, provided by Government. Unsurprisingly, Abbott’s approval rating has gone up since his strong action in the face of this “threat”, just as John Howard’s did at the time of the introduction of gun controls. People have been so well conditioned. Except the shepherd is actually a wolf.

I find it interesting that similar actions, though less graphically justified, are being undertaken in the other “five eyes” countries – New Zealand, Canada and the U.K. And one of the features of these legislative changes is to encode into law the right to collect every piece of detail about us all and to prosecute journalists who might reveal material from a future Edward Snowden. It has been challenging enough for Glenn Greenwald and Laura Poitras in the current legislative situation to bring forth Snowden’s revelations about the NSA, and this and WikiLeaks-related actions see Laura, Jacob Appelbaum and Sarah Harrison residing in Berlin, outside the clutches of the United States and the U.K., and Greenwald living in Brazil and being very  careful about when and how he returns to the United States. The noose around their necks is being tightened and any collection of data is simply for your protection and well supported by new legislation.

And there is the naïve belief amongst Australians that such things could not happen in their safe and protected country. As I said, it is evident in the way the panellists shied away from fingering the police in the Q&A episode mentioned above.

But it has happened in the past, and several times. For example, I have referred previously to the evidence that Martin Bryant was mind controlled and did not act alone in the Port Arthur massacre of 1996. A lone, relatively untrained gunman could not have created that level and pattern of carnage. And what was the solution? Removing most of the guns from the hands of Australians. One such event was enough in Australia, whereas in the United States it is requiring a whole series of false flag events to build up to the point where the Government feels it is in a position to face down the gun advocates. There is also the evidence that the CIA was behind the dismissal of Gough Whitlam as Australia’s Prime Minister in 1975. I also shared with you the testimony of Toos Nijenhuis, which included her description of time spent in a purpose-built ritualistic torture facility in Melbourne. Innocent and shielded little Australia. Such naivety.

Wake up, my friends, to what is being done to us. It is a classic example of the Hegelian Dialectic at work, and it gets used over and over again. At some point, perhaps, as Ghis Lanctôt advocates, we will withdraw our permission from these goons and remember who and what we are.

At least disconnect your gaze from the movie and see what is actually going on. It is a beginning.

Dr Ghis Lanctôt explains reality and the manipulation of the Western medical system

Here is a self-introduction to Dr. Lanctôt from this interview:

Guylaine Lanctôt: As a medical doctor, I practiced medicine for over 20 years in different countries. I went to different provinces in Canada, and I lived in the U.S. for 6 years. I got to know the medical system. I was questioning, “Why is everything so expensive? Why are we getting sicker and sicker and health care is getting more and more expensive, and everybody’s unhappy?” I realized that different systems are totally alike. They have different names but, whether they are a capitalist system, like we have in the U.S., or socialized, like in France, or in between, like in Canada, the bottom line is that the medical systems are all alike. They all serve financiers and not the people. That’s the basic thing. The bottom line is that the medical systems are controlled by financiers in order to serve financiers. Since you cannot serve people unless they get sick, the whole medical system is designed to make people sicker and sicker. When I realized this, I had the choice either to obey the medical authorities and keep my mouth shut or to obey my conscious and speak out. I made a decision to obey my conscious, knowing what the punishments were when one doesn’t obey the system. So, I wrote the book The Medical Mafia: How to Get Out of It Alive and Take Back Our Health and Wealth. Now, the book is not a denunciation of medicine even though the title may lead you to think that. It’s a book that explains how the system works. If we don’t know how it works, we can’t understand anything. It’s so complicated, we think we’re never going to understand it, so, we raise our arms and give up. The medical system is meant to be complicated. I decided to identify the real players, and I’ll show the public where each player stands and how the game is played. This is the first part of my book, explaining how the system works. Next, what are we going to do? I’m a person who likes to come up with solutions, otherwise there is no point complaining. We need a solution.

In this recent interview, Ghis shares her current views of the reality in which we find ourselves and the choices we are faced with. They run very close to my own.

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