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The Year 2014 Added To The Georgia Guidestones

I have mentioned the Georgia Guidestones many times in my postings, since they clearly carry a very dark message about the plans that some people have for the future of humanity and the planet. The first of these – you might consider – modern ten commandments is:

Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.

Sounds noble enough, until you recognise that we have over 7BN people on the planet. And if you begin to look, you will find several processes at work to reduce the population in a hidden manner.

But something interesting has just happened to the Georgia Guidestones: apparently there was a notch that was carved into the top of one of them, I believe when they were originally erected in 1979, organised and paid for by the mysterious RC Christian. As this brief video shows, a block has been placed into that notch, carrying the date of 2014. Does this mark the beginning or the completion of their plans, or some other important moment in their unfolding?

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