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Joe Rogan conducts an outstanding interview with Rupert Sheldrake

For me, Rupert Sheldrake and  Dean Radin are two of the world’s most outstanding researchers who rigorously use the scientific method to investigate subjects outside of the standard temporal scientific mindset, and Rupert has conducted groundbreaking work in demonstrating, for example, that dogs begin to wait for their owners when their owner DECIDES to go home. And it has been duplicated. Sounds simple enough, but it is profound in its nature. I mention this example because it says so much about Rupert’s approach. Seemingly simple, easy to reproduce, yet profound in its nature.

This outstanding interview by Joe Rogan has Rupert share a little about who he is, where he has walked and what he believes, and quite a powerful introduction to his work.

The reported record high August global temperature is a bald faced lie

You may have read about the global temperature record in August this year. It was hard to miss. It was all over the media. The only thing is it doesn’t happen to be true.

If you watch a minute or so of this video, you will see the data before it was misrepresented.

It takes real effort to disconnect from the mainstream media. We are so well trained to accept it as the truth.

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