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Kevin Annett: Euro Police join ITCCS take down of Satanic networks in Vatican, Monarchies, Cargill

Here is another update from Kevin Annett on the progress in revealing the satanic practices behind and within the Vatican and the Catholic Church, Monarchies and big business.

In my view, it is important that the steps be taken to reveal the truth of this consciousness as part of changing it, and the work of Kevin Annett seems to me to be leading this charge. Common law action is being taken to reclaim the power of the people from the incorporated governance we live inside of. As Kevin says, it does seem that, despite attempts against him, he is protected on some level as he undertakes this critical work.

‘Bought Journalism’: German bestseller reveals CIA pay Western media for spin & bias

A 25-year German journalist has spilled the beans in a new book on how the media is paid in Germany by the CIA to put the appropriate spin on stories as needed. For me, the surprise is not that this is happening but that most people still think otherwise. And this is not just Germany as another journalist interviewed reveals, but the entire Western world.

The media is such a key element in creating a case of the Hegelian Dialectic as needed.

Also, I remind you that the Rothschilds have owned Reuters since the late 19th century and Associated Press for only a few years less. Of course, this makes them completely independent and trustworthy news sources…

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