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The horrific so-called trade agreements – TTIP & TPP – move secretly forward

Thank you, Sean.

As the public sleeps, the steps are being quietly progressed to place complete trade and economic power in the hands of global corporations, contained in agreements being negotiated in secret – TTIP for Europe and the United States and TPP for Pacific countries and the United States.

I have written previously about the TPP; what it contains and how it is being progressed, and the TTIP is almost identical in its scope.

This excellent video interview by Russell Brand with writer and activist George Monbiot demonstrates how such changes are packaged by the politicians for the public (simply a pack of lies) and the reality of what is being done (including a secret court of the three lawyers under which to deal with “disputes”, with no recourse for the public). Guess whose interests the lawyers represent and where have we seen this model before?

Sadly, George still buys the nonsense that we live in a democracy, not realising that it’s the same policies being progressed, regardless of who’s in power. He does recognise it’s been happening that way at least since the days of Thatcher in Britain, but he does not take the extra step – because the true power in our world is hidden and almost no-one (certainly not the mainstream press) talks about it.

Nevertheless, this video illustrates beautifully how the packaged words of Cameron regarding how TTIP will help the average Briton are completely at odds with the reality. It’s one of the best illustrations of capturing this double speak and placing it in context that I have seen, and this stuff goes on by all mainstream politicians across the globe all of the time, from whichever side of politics they happen to be on. They are just shadow puppets for the public to argue over, whilst the real change goes on behind the scenes. Seen a Rothschild on any of the world’s rich lists recently? Or a Rockefeller or any of the German Jewish bankers? Funny that.

The notion of the nation state is actually a fairly recent creation, many of them created in the 20th century, most of the rest in the 18th or 19th century. They were just a stepping stone, gathering the people up ahead of larger regional structures as we move to a global state. Before that, the native peoples thought tribally and most of Europe was focussed on smaller regions defined, for example, by a river valley. And the power they were given were, firstly, transferred by the sleight of hand into incorporated structures and now those structures are being stripped of any real power as it is transferred to the global mega-corporations.

But just go back to sleep. Nothing to worry about.

Though I do acknowledge the wonderful people that are on this list that are truly out to make a change to all of this, and you know who you are and I thank all of your from the bottom of my heart.

Environmental scientist blasts IPCC “climate consensus”

Another example of informed people waking up to the man-made global warming lies of the IPCC.

Until nearly the end of the 20th Century global temperatures had increased by about 0.6o C, overall, with a period of cooling in the 1960s and early 70s, followed by continuing warming. However temperatures began to level off just before the year 2000 holding a steady, on average, since then. Then came the Northern Hemisphere winter of 2013-14.

Followed by a cool 2014 summer and what is already shaping to be an even colder 2014-15 winter. One cold winter proves nothing, though we are all predisposed to thinking a few hot or cold days mean there is a more significant shift happening. But in reality, global warming peaked about 18 years ago.

But it was never about global warming. It was always a stalking horse for Agenda 21. It is the most profound change happening on the planet today and almost no-one I mention it to has heard of it. Just as it was planned.

Colorado Mastodon Bones Show Ancient Warmer Earth

This article shares recent data from Colorado, demonstrating that it was warmer 120,000 years ago than now.

Among their findings: The warmer weather allowed forests to reach about 2,500 feet farther up the mountainside than today’s tree line, which is about 11,500 feet above sea level at the Snowmass site.

Must have been due to man-made global warming…

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