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Financial Elite are Trying to Destroy Russia

If you hadn’t understood why oil prices have come down sharply, this video on its impact on Russia tells the story.

Big food corporations committing massive organic fraud

There are simply no limits to what these “born to rule” people will do.

It seems they are hijacking the rapidly growing organic food industry by lining the pockets of the USDA and relevant politicians to abuse this category. That is, organically labelled food is not necessarily organically grown.

Should we be surprised? I’m not. I have watched the explosion in availability and promotion of organic food in the nearby American grocery stores, because people want decent food. Not for long will it be that.

Man films US cops beating suspect, gets arrested

This video shows footage of a guy being beaten and shares the words of the guy who filmed it and was subsequently arrested for doing so. His words at the end of the video are prophetic:

“I don’t think anyone has the power to play judge, jury and executioner at the same time.”

That’s EXACTLY what’s happening with police across the globe. It’s perhaps more advanced in the United States than other Western countries, but it’s coming everywhere. Spain has just made it illegal to film the police, the state of Illinois in the United States has just done so and it will spread everywhere. The police are not accountable anymore and they are apparently being hired and trained to be this aggressive. There are some wonderful, dedicated police officers across the world, but they are not being hired anymore, if what David Icke has to say in “The Perception Deception” is accurate. The police state model is part of Agenda 21, and we can see it being rolled out across the world.

We’re seeing some pushback in the United States right now, but that will calm down and the process will roll on. When people react strongly to something, those driving this process back off, but they are playing a long term game. They come back around in a different way next week, next month, next year, next decade… It matters not to them.

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