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A report on ISIL and its agenda, first hand from a visit to Syria

In the Western media, it is very difficult to see the truth of Syria and ISIL. Richard Edmondson (an American) has just returned:

I recently returned from Syria, where I attended an International Conference on Terrorism and Religious Extremism sponsored by the Syrian Ministry of Justice (see my previous post on the event here), and where I had a chance to experience just a small taste of what life is like in a country under siege by a menace so evil it is the stuff of nightmares.

Bashar Assad is demonised in the Western media – unsurprisingly. Edmondson quotes from a conversation with Muhani Al-Fayadh, a sheikh, or tribal chieftain, from the eastern Syrian province of Deir ez-Zor:

“They cannot eliminate our government because it has widespread public support,” he said. “Any Syrian citizen now represents the government; we are defending our dignity, our land, our territory. When you have seen what is happening to the people—how they are being killed and raped—how could you not support the government?”

You may want to read this Paris Match interview with Assad and make up your own mind.

Vermont GMO Supporters Decry Federal Bill Targeting State Level Legislation

This US Federal Bill has the GMO lobby written all over it. In truth, the GMO food industry represents those committed to using food as one of the tools to decimate the human population as Dr Rima Laibow explained in her interview I shared recently.

House bill 4432, sponsored by Kansas Republican Representative Mike Pompeo, would require the definition of a bio-engineered organism, require any labelling to disclose the material difference between GMO food and comparable marketed food, and pre-empt any except identical state or local regulations.

So, the onus goes onto those saying GMO is bad to prove it for GMO labelling to be put on a product, and shutting down the state initiatives for labelling such as that in Vermont. This proposed legislation reinforces the FDA’s “Doctrine of Substantial Equivalence”, which sees GMO foods flow unfettered into the American food chain.

I also remind you of William Engdahl’s work on this, including his book Seeds of Destruction: The Hidden Agenda of Genetic Manipulation.

Make no mistake about the agenda of those who run our world. They consider you and I “Useless Eaters” and are planning our demise and that of our children. Forget about the future of your children’s children under their plans. They won’t have one.

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