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Government’s descent into Hunger Games injustice and tyranny nearly complete

Illinois just voted to criminalize citizens filming police in public spaces.

Totalitarian tiptoe…

Craig Murray lost his job as U.K. Ambassador to Uzbekistan for revealing the CIA torture programmes

This interview with Craig Murray again illustrates that revealing the CIA renditions programmes post 9/11 was not a good career move. He lost his job for doing so.

The senior U.K. politicians of the time are getting mainstream exposure to restate they knew nothing (we all know it’s a lie), whilst Craig only gets spoken to by RT to reveal the truth.

Craig said that most of the flights to the Polish rendition site then continued on to Uzbekistan, where he believes those who had been worked over in Poland were then killed.

This is how the world works. The crime is revealing the truth. The CIA report names no names and no-one will be held accountable.

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